W10 Mobile Build 10.0.15215.0 - Constantly Hangs and Random Restarts

When using Lumia 950XL - the new Insider Fast track, I noticed that the phone is super unresponsive. 

  • When waking from sleep, screen stays in background image for a minute or more before you're able to enter a pin
  • When the alarm goes off, I can hear the alarm, the screen doesn't load the notification banner that allows me to snooze / dismiss. I'm able to quiet the alarm by using the volume down button. It takes several minutes before you're able to use the phone.
  • Facebook, messenger and many apps take significant time to load in comparison to previous versions. 
  • Sometimes when receiving text messages, the screen lights up to the background image, but the sound stays stuck on the beginning of receiving text sound. When waiting it out hoping that it was just a hang, the phone restarted after 2 minutes.
  • Sometimes when using the camera, the camera will close and then the phone will randomly restart several seconds later. 

  • When adding a contact picture using PEOPLE > EDIT > CAMERA the camera just closes down after several seconds. If the picture is taken within that time frame it works, other wise the app crashes back to the contact and need to click EDIT > CAMERA again. 

  • When sending text messages - after pressing send, users are not allowed to start typing the next message because the message waiting to be sent, hangs in the TEXT BOX. 
    A user can go back and send additional texts to different users (via different threads) but not the same user (until the message is sent).
Sounds like a background app is blocking one of the processors in your Lumia 950 XL, because I do not face such issues. Microsoft wants you to report such issues via All apps » Feedback Hub » Options » Feedback. After that, I would – because I do not know of any tool to debug something like this – reset that phone. If that does not help either, reset again, this time without re-appling your backup. If that does not help either, reset again, this time without adding your Microsoft account. In any case, do not forget to start the Windows Insider Program again.

Hi Abi,

thanks for your insight. I've done full resets and am aware of the process. I've been an insider since 2010.

Unfortunately your suggestions did not resolve my issue.

Regarding the feedback hub, i'm encountering a problem where it just states: Something went wrong, we're having trouble loading the info needed for you to send us feedback. Check your connection and try again.

I'm able to access the internet, and all sites but just can't get the feedback hub to work on Mobile (Insider Fast), W10 PC (Production) or Surface Pro 3 (Insider Fast).

Not sure the hub is down which is why I posted here.

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