Build 14342 is draining the battery like crazy!

Hi,  after the update my Lumia 640 goes from 100% to 40% in < 2 hours. The battery used to last a full 24 hours before this update. Looking at the Battery Usage by App shows Settings at 35% (I looked at the settings for < 2 minutes!). Need a fix for this issue soon. Thanks.

5/19 Update: Installed .1003 yesterday and it didn't help at all. It looks like the cellular radio is constantly looking for a signal and is causing the phone to heat up. With all the heat build-up and the rapid discharge, I am afraid that the battery's lifetime is going to be severely affected.

5/25 Update: Downloading .1004 right now.  Thanks for the update. Hopefully this fixes the battery issue once and for all!

Glad to report that .1004 has fixed the battery drain issue!

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The same on my Lumia 930 - and it's overheating!!! Please fix it fast.

I have Start, Store  & Settings listed as main battery consumers. Phone is Lumia 532.

On 24h profile: Start-17%, Store & Settings-10% each.

On 6h profile: Start-20%, Store-13%, Settings-2%.

This is the option "Apps with usage". If I change to All apps then it is only Start(17%) & Settings(12%). All the rest are below 1%, except for Outlook Mail-2%

I have aout 40 tiles pinned to Start. Cellular was never on since I installed this build 14342.

In regards to the Store drain:

After Store got updated I cannot check for updates-the button remains unresponsive with the new version (11604.1000.21.0). Anyone else having the same issue with Store?

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me to. lumia 640xl. never seen bat drain like this with any other preview build.

Hopefully the new build 14342.1003 just released will fix this.

Yeah hoping for a fix with .1003. My phone doesn't even last 4 hours from full charge with 14342.

Thanks, but already tried this one. Store wouldn't install with error code. Then my battery was almost down, so I connected the phone to a charger & few minutes later got a notification that Store, Maps, OneNote & Microsoft Health were updated.

Thank you for the suggestion though.

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Yeah hoping for a fix with .1003. My phone doesn't even last 4 hours from full charge with 14342.

same. Please report back here when you have some more info.        


After my Lumia Icon got this Build, I noticed it was hot in my hand. I did a full shutdown to see if it would cool off once restarted. It warmed right back up after I powered it up. That's when I noticed the battery draining fast and it draining as fast as I could charge it. So, with some free time to mess with it, I went back to 8.1 Mobile, made sure everything was working fine, then turned Fast back on.

After the Build loaded again, I thought it was fine for a while and the battery was recharging normally... and then a friend called me. While I was talking to him, I noticed the phone getting hot again. I looked down and the battery was draining again.

I am back to Windows 8.1 Mobile again.

I hope this helps, Microsoft, and that you can rush out a fix soon. With as many Builds as you have sent out, I would think this kind of silliness would be a thing of the past. Maybe your developers and testers need what my dad used to call "a stern talkin' to."

Same here with a 1520. Only my 2A charger has enough grunt to charge it, 1A or USB can keep up. 

Drains is about 3 hours and is very warm around the camera area. 

During this update, I did notice the reports of the windows logo staying on screen for a long time, I also experienced that, but I updated before work, left home at 8, by 1pm I still had the windows logo on screen (I plugged in at work to ensure the battery wouldnt go flat during the update because it was taking so long). At 1pm I decided to reset it by holding the power down. It booted up ok, but that afternoon reported an upgrade needed to restart my phone, I did that restart also and got the cogs and windows screen but it was much quicker.

After all that it when the massive battery drain started and 50% of my apps say "<appname> cant be opened. An app update may be available in the Store"

Not good. Please fix ASAP

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