Windows 10 Creators Update Failure 75/85% - 15063

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I'll get directly to the point, I recently downloaded the windows10update tool to install the "creators update" but i always end uo with the following message "attempting to recover installation" before it starts restoring to the anniversary update from last year. I did the same thing on my brothers PC and it worked no error at all. I read through forums and learned that this problem has occured to other people but last year with the anniversary update and they solved the problem by uninstalling ESET security but I don't use a 3rd party anti-virus/malware software on my machine.

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

Additional info:

The installation always crashes after the 3rd restart while the installation is at 74 percent.

Previous version is always restored successfully ive done this process more than 3-4 times.

Im running a dualboot system win 7 and 10, 7 for compatibility with older programs.

Things I've tried: 

1. Disabling fastboot.

2. Disabling all non microsoft services with msconfig tool.

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