window 10 install stuck on checking for updates

jefferydsmith323 asked on
I have tried several times 2 usb drives and 2 dvds to install windows 10 technical preview.  It stalls on checking for updates. 
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ASUSTUV4x replied on

Mine had stalled as well . until I forced windows to load my video drivers and here is what I did to resolve the issues.

Yes, that is correct, I resolved it by using my original drivers disk.

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AjiteshGarg replied on

Now this works me 

1) open cmd

2) type "net stop wuauserv"  (this will stop windows update service)

3) Wait for a few minutes 

4) type "net start "wuauserv"  (this will start windows update service).

If it does not work in 1st time just repeat it 2-3 times 

I am sure this will solve the updating problem

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