Welcome to the Windows 10 Technical Preview forum!

Welcome to the Windows 10 Technical Preview forum!  Here you can join a vibrant community where you can ask questions and interact with fellow preview insiders, Microsoft engineers, and support professionals.  Get answers from experts, see what issues are trending, and be an active member of a community that will help make Windows the best it can be.

Thank you for sharing windows 10 with all (Public), I am able to install it without any issues. Looks awesome
I installed Windows 10 on an older laptop (HP 6930p Elitebook) that had Windows 7 Home Premium X64 bit.... I had absolutely no problems installing the upgrade....

Please bear in mind that this is a Technical Preview for Enthusiasts. It is strongly recommended that you install on a test machine or a VM (Virtual Machine) and not on your main or only computer.

If you are using Windows Media Center on Windows 7/8/8.1, it will be removed.  Please see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-faq#faq=tab1 which covers this and other important information.

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