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"Restart your phone before you can start getting Insider Preview builds"

Jason[MS] started on

***Edited 2017.03.23 @ 11:35am PST***

For those of you who have hit this issue, did you have Bitlocker enabled on your phone?  Please post in this thread with details!

***Edited 2017.03.21 @ 6:25PM PST***

Hello Insiders!

Build 15063 is out and available in the Fast ring!  After installing this build, you may see the following message on your device:

"We need to restart your phone before you can start getting Insider Preview builds"

We wanted to bring this to your attention as rebooting your device may have originally caused you to end up in an undesired state post-reboot.  Insiders began reporting this issue in this forum thread.

What happened to the device?

  • During the reboot process the device could possibly hang and display an all blue screen.  It would fail to boot into the OS as expected if it hit this state.

Why did this happen?

  • As part of this release, we performed some flight settings cleanup on the device.  While the actual root cause is under investigation, there appeared to have been a settings conflict which caused the device to fail to boot properly.

Will I hit this issue?

  • No additional devices should end up in this state.  We have implemented a service-side change that prevents this conflict from occurring.

My device is already on the blue screen.  What do I do?

  • You'll need to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to restore your device.  Once you complete this process, you should not hit this issue a second time.

How will I know when it is safe to complete this reboot?  Will this reboot be required?

  • You may safely reboot your device if prompted to do so.  You will not hit the original bug as reported by other Insiders.

We know it's frustrating to hit a bug where you have to reset your device.  We do our best to prevent these issues from going out to Insiders, but on occasion something makes its way out.  We'll provide additional details and updates as we have more information to share.

Thank you as always,


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