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Old title: Problems reinstalling Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Hello all,

I had installed Bash on my pc with no problems. I promptly hosed it by messing up my .bashrc. I uninstalled with the intent to start over. Now trying to install it I get the following...

Error: 0x80070002

Has anyone encountered this before, and if so, is there a fix?



A) To fix error 0x80070002 - Make sure the command prompt properties

does not have Use legacy console ticked.

Then rerun in a new command prompt - bash

B) If it still does not work

Then the bash install is corrupt. If you are ok with starting again

and don't have any important data saved in your Linux bash system, then follow these steps.

1. To uninstall the Linux SubSystem in Windows

Right-click command prompt (admin)

lxrun /uninstall /full

type "y" to continue: y

2. To reinstall the Linux SubSystem in windows

Right-click command prompt (admin)

lxrun /install /y

For build 14328 you will need to fix bash to be able to connect to the internet correctly.

Start - Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Instructions: at bash prompt root@localhost:~#

root@localhost:~# vi /etc/resolv.conf

(press i for insert & type the following two lines)


(press esc)



root@localhost:~# apt-get update

Did this resolve your issue?

Sorry this didn't help.

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