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Problem installing update to Build 14342 - Error 0x80240fff

Lindsey McMillen asked on

I'd read about the release of Build 14342 to the Fast Ring, so I checked my update status to see if it had been downloaded to my desktop computer where I found the following:

"Update Status

There were problems installing some updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help:

Windows 10 Insider Preview 14342 - Error 0x80240fff"

Selecting "Retry" results in the display of the same message.

Other than the following events posted to the Event Log, I find no other clues as to what the problems might be.

1. Error 5/11/2016 8:19:00 AM WindowsUpdateClient 20 Windows Update Agent

2. A plethora of "Event 10016, DistributedCOM" entries not granting Local Activation permission for COM server application with numerous CLSID identification codes and APPID identification codes, all of which seem to be relative to the installation of Windows Store Apps. These problems have presented with each and every installation of every build of WIndows 10 Technical/Insider Preview. The fix has always been to edit the registry for each and every such entry, which is an extremely tedious and time consuming process which I, quite frankly, don't want to perform again. I've provided feedback time, and time again, since the beginning, yet the problems continue. 

I just performed a clean install of Build 14332, using it's ISO file, the day before yesterday.

A comprehensive listing of my computer system information created by the Speccy utility is set forth below after my signature.

And, for what it's worth, this and the DistributedCOM errors are my only remaining issues of concern with regard to my use of Windows 10. :)

I'd appreciate authoritative instructions and/or suggestions as to how to resolve the problems relative to the installation of Build 14342, with which would lead to it's successful installation to my desktop computer.

Thank you.


Speccy Summary:

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 64-bit
Intel Core i7 3770K @ 3.50GHz 44 °C
Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology
16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 802MHz (10-10-10-27)
PA248 (1920x1200@59Hz)
2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (EVGA) 31 °C
931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-22BN5A0 (SATA) 30 °C
2794GB Seagate ST3000DM001-1ER166 (SATA) 39 °C
2794GB Hitachi HGST HDN724030ALE640 (SATA) 52 °C
2794GB Hitachi HUA723030ALA640 (SATA) 54 °C
111GB KINGSTON SV300S37A120G (SSD) 30 °C
931GB Western Digital WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0 (SATA) 38 °C
2794GB Jmicron Corp. USB Device (USB (SATA)) 30 °C
Optical Drives
Realtek High Definition Audio
Operating System
Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview 64-bit
Computer type: Desktop
Installation Date: 5/9/2016 12:34:32 PM
Serial Number: {REMOVED}
Windows Security Center
User Account Control (UAC) Enabled
Notify level 2 - Default
Firewall Enabled
Windows Update
AutoUpdate Not configured
Windows Defender
Windows Defender Enabled
Antivirus Enabled
Display Name Windows Defender
Virus Signature Database Up to date
.NET Frameworks installed
v4.6 Full
v4.6 Client
Internet Explorer
Version 11.1001.14332.0
Version 5.1.14332.1001

The rest of the content was deemed irrelevant, and was removed.

--Update - May 27, 2016--

The installation of Build 14352, as an update to my clean installation of Build 14342 from an ISO file, was performed automatically without incident. So this problem appears to have been unique to the installation of Build 14342 as an update to Build 14332. That being the case, I'm happy, and consider this problem resolved with the release of Build 14352.

Build 14352 has introduced some new problems, in that some of the functionalities of my Realtek HD Audo chipset and drivers, and my Plantronics Game Con 780 USB headset no longer work. But those are matters for another problem report elsewhere in these forums.

Thank you to everyone who responded. And I sincerely wish those for whom this problem might continue, good luck.

ASUS P8Z77-V; Intel i7-3770; 16GB; EVGA GTX1050 Ti
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