PC Build 15046: Install Fails Due to Anti-Virus Client

Jason[MS] started on

Hello Insiders!

Starting this separate thread for install failures with error code 80070228 as we have found that some anti-virus clients are throwing false positives on the install files for build 15046

We take extreme care when creating our install files and they are scanned independently to ensure they are ready to go.  We are actively investigating why these false positives are occurring and would love your help to gather information about which anti-virus client you are using and some details about it.

If your AV client is flagging the 15046 build install files as a virus/infected, please share the following information:

  • Which anti-virus client are you using?  Please share the full name as some have multiple variants.
  • What is version number of the client?
  • Which anti-virus signature version is your client using?
  • And if possible, please share a screen shot or list of each of the files the anti-virus client is flagging

Gathering this information will help us work with the appropriate partners to ensure this is resolved both for Insiders as well as for Retail users when the Creators Update is made available broadly.

Thank you as always!

- Jason

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