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PC Build 15046: Error 80070228 during download

Jason[MS] started on

***Edit #2 2017.03.02 @ 3:45pm PST***

After deeper investigation, we have found there are two issues causing this same error code.

1)  If you do not have more than one language pack on your PC, but you do have an anti-virus client on your device such as Norton or Symantec, please review the following forum thread:  https://aka.ms/15046av

2)  If you have more than one language pack installed, please continue reading below for steps how to uninstall them and continue with the update.  You will be able add them back after you update successfully.

***edit 2017.03.01 @ 4pm PST***

Thanks to the hard work of Insiders (special shout-out to Tino Donderwinkel!), one of the causes of this issue has been discovered.  We have already identified the bug in the OS and it will be fixed in an upcoming flight.

In the short term, please try these steps:

  • Open Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language
  • Right-click and remove any additional languages other than your current system language
  • Close settings
  • Click the Start button, type run and press enter
  • Paste the following:  Lpksetup /u
  • This will open a separate window
  • Remove any additional languages other than your current system language
  • Reboot your PC
  • Re-scan for updates

These steps should fix most affected users.  For others, there are some additional reports of various anti-virus clients causing this same download error.  We are actively investigating those reports and will provide additional updates when available.

(original post below)


Hello Insiders,

With the release of build 15046 today, we are seeing reports of error 80070228 hitting users while trying to download the new build.

We are actively investigating this issue and several users have already filed feedback.  We're awaiting for those logs to process so we can dig in.

If you're hitting this issue, please upvote this feedback item so we can assess overall impact:  aka.ms/Wlcw4n

Please stay tuned to this thread for further updates.


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