Install of 15042 reboots at 71% to 15031

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Jason asked for a post of this problem after rebooting the computer
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Sidibe replied on

You probably need to clear the Windows Update Download cache (I had to do this to get 15046 to appear).

net stop wuauserv
cd %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution
rmdir /S /Q Download
net start wuauserv
net stop bits
net start bits
net stop cryptsvc
cd %systemroot%\system32
rmdir /S /Q catroot2
net start cryptsvc


Go to settings and update - if it still has 15042 pending a restart, go ahead and restart it will just do another reboot, however when you return back to windows and go to update again it will now download 15046.  Hope that helps.

-Tdub (sidibe)

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