How to: Fix Windows 10 Setup Failure

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Windows 10 is finally here, but there might be a few hiccups along the way to getting it downloaded and installed on your computer. This Wiki Article takes a look at some of the solutions you can try if setup fails.

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Here's What You Can Do if Windows 10 Upgrade Fails

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It's anything but ms's crash!!! :(


What should I do if I got bad download of ISO. It download completely but the hash didn't match. How can I recover my ISO, I don't want to redownload it. I got limited/slow internet connection
Thanks for this. For the first check (Corrupt Install Media) I think it would be helpful to give a primary link to the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility (, since that's all that's needed to perform this check quickly before moving on to the other checks. The existing link to would be better as a secondary "further reading" link.
I think there should be a link to this article at the top of the Insiders forum page.  Reading this would solve so many of the problems people have.
Just sayin' .....

Insiders’ forum can be and normally is a very good tool.  After 18 years as a System's Analyst, I feel that it's the responsibility of System's Analysts to make sure the product is ready before its final release.  If anything goes wrong, there should be the ability for users to communicate that to the responsible parties for the product.  Unfortunately, there are larger corporations that don't feel it's necessary to communicate with their users.  So, yes, an Insiders forum can be a very good tool for users.


I have Wins 7-64 Home Premium and I know that I have a few corrupt Registry files. I wonder if with the Wins 10 upgrade these files will be fixed or will I just have a completely new registry with the Wins 10 upgrade? Does anyone have any info on this issue?
George Melendez
I am now wondering whether upgrading to Windows 10 is going to be worth the potential hassle. 

I have done quite a few upgrades of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs to Windows 10 10240 from a downloaded ISO file and everyone went smoothly with all my software fully functioning and still registered. There were two exceptions;

1. Chrome browser needed to be updated to the latest version to resolve some glitches.

2. VirtualBox had to be regressed to an older version as it has issues with Windows 10, I expect it will be resolved soon as the final release is in a few days.

Other than those two minor glitches everything went smoothly, and I'm starting to appreciate that all the PCs in my house (12) all work the same for a change.

So far the most frustrating update since Windows 3.1.  I am trying to get it installed on 3 PC's (Win 7 and Win 8.1 all of them legal) nothing , nada, "0"... Downloaded already more than 4 times (2.7Gb) burned a DVD from windows.iso result the same, message: "Something happened" , "Error"... I am quitting today, hope for better days. Pathetic.

Also if you have problems on installing Windows 10 after 07.29.2015, just go to hard drive where windows system installed. Find out the folder which name is $Windows.~WS or $Windows.~ BT or any smilar one... get inside to the source folder and BIT395.tmp  (it was bit395.tmp on my harddrive, this can be different maybe in your folder) search the name together with hidden folders in your system hard drive and delete all .tmp files which are same with that name. 

then delete all $Windows.~WS or $Windows.~BT folders, restart your computer and use mediacreationtool which suits to your hardware.

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