DPC Watchdog Violation Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Hi All

Still getting this.

Stable Build 9926

Builds 10041, 10049 and now 10061, all give DPC Watchdog Violation during installation upgrade.

It always occurs on the reboot, just before "Setting up a few more things".

I cant provide the logs, because the system reverts back to build 9926, and the logs required, do not exist.

Catch 22 situation.

All drivers etc are bang up to date on Build 9926.

Is it a case that I've literally, got to try to install each new build as it is issued, and hope that that build is stable on my system.

Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, are running fine on alternative hard drives, within this computer, and they work fine.

Microsoft, please don't direct me, to the standard issue problem solving guide as I've tried all that, and the LOGS DO NOT EXIST, even though build 9926, is set to create them.

Any idea's ?


Like you, I could never get past 9626, until yesterday. I have Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8.1 x64 install, plus 5 other discs containing media, data, games etc, and a blank drive that used to have Windows 10 installed, but yesterday I weakened and downloaded the 10162 build and burnt an iso.

I then did a clean install of windows 10, which went in without a hitch. At the final restart, I disabled Windows 10 quick start in the "what the power buttons do" menu, as this tended to mess up my other drives requiring a checkdisk, and then allowed a reboot. It came up fine, so I went the next step and installed the latest Nvidia Windows 10 certified drivers, and a backup program, and backed it up. Since then, I have been back into my other two OS with no checkdisk and back into Windows 10 with no problems.

At last, my machine is running something other than 9626, so if you are feeling brave Swordie, try loading from the iso, I could even leave everything, including my logitech wifi G602, connected, and no sign of the unmentionable watch***  thing. I will see what happens with the next lot of updates, but this is the second day trouble free, which is a first without 9626.

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