Build 15042 for PC: Install Hangs (Workaround included)

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***Edit 2017.03.03 @ 10:30am PST***

NOTE!  If you used this workaround to allow build 15042 to install, you'll need to re-enable IPV6 capabilities.

These are the steps:

Click Start
Type Command Prompt
Right-click Command Prompt (desktop app) in the results list

Select Run as Administrator
Click Yes to confirm

Paste the following:  netsh int ipv6 set locality state=enable

Close the Command Prompt window

Reboot your PC

That's it!  :)


Hello Insiders!

Today we have released build 15042 for PC to Insiders in the Fast ring.  As part of this release, there’s a known issue that will affect a small percentage of users.  Knowing this, we wanted to document the issue and share the workaround you may perform if you encounter this issue during the 15042 install.  Please read below for details and further steps.

Issue Details

Who:     Insiders installing build 15042 to their PC

Issue:    During the 15042 install, your PC may “hang” and become unresponsive at the Windows boot logo screen

Why:     One of the required install processes may initialize but not complete or timeout, thus causing the “hang”

What to do:     There are no lasting effects from this issue.  Please see the workaround steps below to continue with your update


Workaround Steps

For users who encounter this issue, the following steps will allow you to work around this issue.

  1. Manually reboot your PC if it “hangs” at the boot logo during the first attempt to install build 15042
  2. Allow your PC to successfully roll back to your previous OS build
  3. Log into your PC and open a Command Prompt (Admin) window:

    ***NOTE***  You MUST do this in Command Prompt, NOT PowerShell!  :)

    Click Start
    Type Command Prompt
    Right-click Command Prompt (desktop app) in the results listSelect Run as Administrator
    Click Yes to confirm

  4. One line at a time, paste these commands into the command prompt window.  Press enter after each line:

    reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\setup\upgrade\nsimigrationroot /f

    netsh int ipv6 set locality state=disabled

    reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Nsi\{eb004a01-9b1a-11d4-9123-0050047759bc}\28 /f

  5. Close the Command prompt window
  6. Reboot your PC
  7. Re-scan for updates and re-attempt the install

Completing these steps will allow you to proceed and install build 15042 as expected.  If you encounter any issues, please post up and let us know. 

Thank you as always!


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