14361 worst fast ring build ever on my Lumia 950

OMG this is the worst fast build ever on my 950

Playing with it for just 10 mins I've had 3 random restarts, the store won't open just a circle of dots, the lock screen only shows my picture none of the lock screen content I've picked, going to pretty much anything in the settings causes a resume screen that crashes the phone.

Wow I have never had this many problems with a fast ring release ever going to have to pretty much only use my phone for calls until the next release.

This build has pretty much made my phone useless


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Is their any reliable way to revert to an earlier build or wipe and restart with an official build? This build has destroyed my phone literally nothing works. It ate up 20% of the battery in about 5 mins and is really hot, it will probably fry my phone by the time a new build is out.         
Ok this is getting serious I tried to do a rest on my phone and after putting in my Microsoft password the reset app crashed my phone restarted and won't do anything as far as resetting my phone

I only had to use it once, about a year ago, but the Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) is your friend.

It will restore your device.


Hopefully you have better luck. So far 14361 is a solid build on my 950XL. Less restarts and less apps crashing.