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10162 installation fails at 40%

Nima28 asked on

Hi all

I'm upgrading from 10159 to 10162. 

  1. downloads and preoares for install fine
  2. Goes through the first round of install and reboots
  3. At the second stage "installing features and drivers" on 23% (40% total) it fails
  4. A message says "Windows could not configure one or more system components. Restart and try again"
  5. After clicking ok it restores back to 10159

Any ideas anyone?

Best wishes


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Manuet replied on

I have also the same issue here. Same message at 40%.

All was OK before 10159, 10158, 10130, ....

Edit : Windows features :.NET 3.5 . If you remove it the update will work.

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