Seeing a Direct Update to 10572? Info Inside

Hello Insiders,

It's been noted by some users that they are seeing an update being offered from their current Win10 build directly to the new 10572 build.  This update path was not published and should not be appearing.

We have done an investigation and discovered the cause of the issue (it is related to device provisioning).  While we are working on a permanent solution, we have implemented a short-term fix and seeing a direct update to 10572 should no longer occur.

If your device is in this state and showing a pending update available for download, please do the following:

  1. Reboot your device
  2. Open the Windows Insider app
  3. Re-select the WIP ring of your choice (WIP Fast for currently affected users)
  4. (You may be prompted to reboot again)

This should resolve the issue and prevent the device from re-detecting the update.

We greatly appreciate the feedback and it helped us uncover an update quirk which we can correct and provide a smoother update experience as we continue forward in Win10.

As always, thank you Insiders!

- Jason

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Hello, I am stuck with Windows 10 Mobile build 10532 and I still don't see any updates as I'm subscribed in the fast ring for my Lumia Icon

Hi Jason,

btw what is with the OEM phones from accidentally with the update have been supplied middle of September? The new Device Recovery Software also detects only Lumia and HTC. My Prestigio8500duo is unusable since then! :-/ The hope is that a software update Comes? Or should I throw away my phone?

Thank you for Information!



I have tried twice to install 10572, and each time it is finished no more SD card available. Pictures, apps just are not available. So has anyone else mention the SD card issue. Lumia 635 is my phone. I have restored the phone back to WP 8.1 and no issues with SD card.

I guess either I wait on 10575 or greater that doesn't require all this reloading back to WP 8.1. 

The last two 10549 and 10572 really pushed my buttons.

Same issue with sd card on 10572 and 640 xl

went back to 8.1 could install 63 apps on sd card, had to reboot and sd card never got recognize again


I can't access the cellular data and message for lumia 625H INDONESIA.

please fix it on next build windows 10 mobile preview.


I have the version 10536 and 10575 await because I have the time nor the opportunity to lose every time all apps to install an update, if you have solved the problem of updating put only versions that can be updated without resetting your phone every once so has more sense otherwise it really makes sense to spend time with feedback

Me too, I can't see the update on Lumia 930 and I re-subscribe for the fast ring....

After upgrading from 8.1 to 10572 also stayed without access to the memory card. My mobile phone is LUMIA 735.
Did a FULL RESET and the issue resolved so far

You need to flash your phone back to 8.1, install windows insider then check for the update.

Or you can wait until the next build which will they say will allow an upgrade from any previous Win 10 build version.

Please, give an option automatic, 2G only and 3G only in the next update build or final build, in order my Lumia 540 can get 3G/H+ signal. everyday i only get edge signal.

because i still on the job training in the area that poor 3g signal. if i use another device. i can get 3G/H+ such as mobile dongle/ modem or another brand of cell phone. 

i hope u can response my wish.

thank you for attention

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