Surface Pro 3 GREEN Screen of Death after Upgrade to 16288.1

My Wife's Surface Pro 3 was running fine on 16281.. last night successfully upgrade to 16288.

This morning the Green Screen of Death.. now wont boot just shows on Boot up Continuous O circle...

any ideas?

Thanks Dave


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Power on. As soon as you see the swirling dots begin, hold power button in for 5 seconds or more until it powers off. Do this twice. On third power on, it should go to Repair menu. Try Startup Repair. If that does not work, you can choose Advanced Startup options, such as Safe Mode and see if you can login to Windows. Then try a normal restart and see if anything has improved.

I was in a similar situation last friday night: working fine with 16281, eventually managed to get 16288.1 downloaded and installation starting, so I went for dinner in a different room, came back later that night to find my Pro 3 will not turn on at all. Its absolutely dead :(

Dona Sarker, head of the Insider program, promises more about Surface Pro 3 issues with build 16288 on Monday.

Colin Barnhorst
All you folks, see HERE.

same here, i uploaded bucket ID issues - it appears to be an ACPI or ACPI driver issue.

I found using the recovery key with the surface pro3 image on it (downloadable from MS) that 'advanced option > repair boot issues' fixed it temporarily for me.  But the issue will come back on next hard boot dock/undock.  workaround - keep booting from recovery USB key until they patch.

This is exactly the same problem that I'm having.

I already have and added a comment with the Watson bucket IDs and other info from eventvwr and reliability center.
It would help get this fixed to report what you have here in the Feedback Hub so that Microsoft is aware and gets some idea what to look for to fix it.

This occurred with my device.  I wiped it clean with a Win 10 1703 clean install then updated to 16288.1 again and the same problem came back.  The work around I have is that if I boot from a Windows 10 installer USB key, pick recover instead of install, then continue, it will boot correctly.  A restart seems to always work.  A shut down will trigger a failure on the next boot.

The green screen of death suggests that it is a driver problem that is responsible.


Yes, Sadly nothing would repair or restore..the Only option was to delete partiction on drive and do fresh USB install...I know its beta but, I always thought Microsofts own Tablets would pass the reboot test after a new build...even before they release to Us...oh, well..Surface Pro 3 back to day I bought it....

Thanks, Dave

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