Insider Preview Build Installs Fail with Error Code 80096004

Hello Windows Insiders!

We’ve received reports of users hitting error code 80096004 when attempting to install a build via Windows Update.  We kicked off our investigation process and have information to share.


Windows Insiders attempting to download/install any current development branch build up-to and including 17046 in either the Fast or Slow ring via Windows Update.  ISO-based installs are not affected.


During the initial download and verification process, the install will fail with error code 80096004.  Additionally, any attempted downloads of language packs or additional Windows features (FODs) will also encounter an install failure for the affected builds.


This is a recent issue, appearing within the past week (since approximately December 1st).

Why/Root Cause:

Investigation of the issue has led us to the root cause of the issue which is a bug in the way we sign the files (.cabs) for builds that are delivered via UUP.


There are no steps that can be taken on individual PCs to bypass this issue.  See below for additional details.  Also, no steps are required by Windows Insiders to receive and install the next preview build that will be released via Flighting.  Simply wait for another build to be released to the ring you’ve selected.  In the interim, we’ve paused build availability to prevent user machines from needlessly downloading and failing the build install. 

What happened?  A bug has been discovered in the way we sign the files for builds delivered via flighting that which impacts all Insider Preview builds from 17000 through 17046.  As such, any attempted installs of builds in this range will fail with the error code noted above.  There are no long-term issues created by this scenario.  The bug has been fixed and newer preview builds being tested internally are not affected.

As noted, we’ve paused the availability of builds in the Fast and Slow rings.  For any user who already has a build installed, there is no concern.  You many continue using the build as expected.  Pausing the Flights was done simply to conserve user bandwidth and prevent confusion from any additional installs of the affected builds which would have all resulted in a failure and error code.  If you attempt to install a build from the Fast or Slow ring at this time, your machine will simply show that it is up-to-date.

If there are any additional questions, please post below so we may review.  And worth reiterating, there’s no action required on your part.  Simply wait for the next build to be released to the ring of your choice and your machine should update as expected.

Thank you to all Windows Insiders who filed feedback and reported this issue!

- Jason

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Thanks, Jason.  I will be standing by for the Flight. :-)
Cheers Jason. Good job!
Standing by :) 

Thanks for update.

I had suggested yesterday to forum poster to wait for another insider build with this error. I had seen at least 10 different post in last 3 days with no resolution for error code 80096004.

Can your post be sent thru Feedback Hub for more exposure?

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all insiders on standby

Jason is this pause in the builds related to the

other message/notification that we are seeing?


Please mark my posts as answers or helpful if they are.

Somehow had no issues getting the 17xxx builds along with all FODs.

A build would fail update and rollback and report the abovementioned error only if the source build contained Chinese FODs (zh-hk, zh-cn, zh-tw). So only those FODs have the cab signing issue. Verifiable in update logs. ;)

Good show.
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While I had no problems upgrading to this build when it first came out another 'minor' issue started popping up yesterday saying that windows insider settings have been reverted.  I don't know if this is connected in some way or not I've had zero problems with any of the rs4 builds to this point but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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JMarco - ASUS K55-A laptop - Insider Build / Lenovo X1 - 19H1

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