Q: Unable to Map Network Drives

Has anyone been able to map network drives on Windows 10 Preview?  I have a NAS with shared music, pics, etc.  Have not been able to get Windows 10 to discover it.  It only shows the laptop that I have the preview software installed only.




Below is an easy way to map a network drive in Windows 10 Preview,

Open a run command (WIN Key + R) and type \\hostname (hostname is the name of your device/share you want to map) You can also use your internal IP address such as

This should bring up your shares for that hostname/IP address.

Right click on the share that you want to map and choose a drive letter. Then click finish.

You should now see your share mapped in This PC.

If you have issues doing the above it could mean that your Windows 10 Preview host is having network connectivity issues. Check your network connectivity with the ping command if this is the case.

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