Windows Audio Service continually stops on Windows 10

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Original title: Windows Audio Service

Hi, I recently decided to test Windows 10 Insider preview on my main computer (been testing ion my laptop). I was running Windows 7 64bit.

Since the upgrade, my sound will randomly stop working. When this happens the Windows Event Log service will also stop running. I have the latest drivers installed for my sound cards. I use both the onboard and a pci sound, I have been using this configuration since Windows Vista with no issues. I have also disabled the onboard sound, and still have the same issues.

Now the Windows Audio Service continually stops, and starts, the strange thing is I use s/pdif for the sound from the pci card, and this is set as the default, but when you run the audio troubleshooter, it does not list the s/pdif as an option to fix. So this might indicate that Windows is confused about what is actually supposed to be playing sound.

Installed build 14342 and the same issues occur. Any idea? At this rate, I will be going back to Windows 7

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