Turning off Bluetooth radio sometimes results in freeze, crash, or reset [Builds>14370]

Hello Everybody,

Thanks to your feedback we've found an issues that when Bluetooth is turned off, the phone crashes, freezes, or resets. There are two ways to hit this.

  1. Turning Bluetooth off through the toggle in the Settings App
  2. Turning Bluetooth off via Quick Action toggle

If the phone's UI freezes, this is because the UI is waiting for the radio to be turned off in the background. Leave it for a minute, and the phone should recover. If not, you will need to reset your phone to recover.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are actively working on a fix and servicing it as soon as possible. If you have hit this, please file feedback through the Feedback Hub.

-Steven [MSFT]


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Testing Lumia 1520 on 10.0.14393.321...

  1. Turn on bluetooth speaker (Nokia 360) and then turn on BT in Action Centre. Successfully connects to speaker and transmits audio.
  2. If BT is then toggled off (single tap) from Action Centre (AC) there is a 10 second delay before the speaker chirps as it detects signal loss. It seems there is a lag between AC and the radio state. When toggled back on in AC it will not reconnect if I have not waited 10 seconds for the radio to actually go off, and then it can take ages to recover. The trick is to wait for definite off before turning BT back on in AC. I can get by just using AC to control BT status as long as I wait during the radio off delay.
  3. So the best way to ensure the lag is avoided is to turn off BT via Settings | Devices | Bluetooth (slide to the left) the accessory (Nokia speaker). Via settings the radio is turned off without delay (my speaker chirps instantly). Note - the AC status will fail to get updated and still show BT on (coloured tile) with the embedded text  "Not connected".
  4. To reconnect the speaker / accessory I must toggle off/on the BT tile in AC, sometimes twice, i.e. off/on/off/on. Otherwise if BT is re-enabled via Settings (slide to the right) no bluetooth devices are found and even saved pairings are not listed. Action Centre status is also unchanged indefinitely. 

I did the same testing with Alpine car stereo and same results. So to sum up I found BT mostly works if I remember this Workaround - Use Settings menu only for turning BT off and Action Centre (toggle off/on once or twice) only for turning it on. 

Me too on 930. No freeze but syncing broken. After 930 is booted the first sync to my stereo (Alpine ICS-X8 2012) would work but after turning off the Alpine the phone would fail to detect loss of signal and often would still show as connected in action centre. If BT is toggled in settings and Alpine turned back on the 930 would still fail to reconnect. Toggling BT through settings again did not help and the only way to reconnect to Alpine was to reboot the phone. Deleted the pairing at both ends but this made no difference. Was on RS1 build 14393.67. After putting up with this for weeks, and countless phone reboots to recover BT, I upgraded to 14393.189. I am very disappointed to find it wasn't fixed. I have restored to WP 8.1 (Denim) and now BT connectivity works like a charm. I would have stayed on W10M if only bluetooth worked ! 

Update 10/13/16: I also have two Lumia 1520s in the family. Both 1520s experienced exactly the same symptoms as my 930 on 10.0.14393 builds. On the first 1520 I updated from 10.0.14393.189 to 10.0.14393.221 and the issue was not fixed so I downgraded to Win 8.1 Denim and now BT works fine, just like the 930 after downgradel. I left the 2nd 1520 on W10M and today updated to 10.0.14393.321 but still broken. I have tested with the car stereo, an Onkyo amp and couple of Nokia Play 360 speakers.  Was rather hopeful it was going to be fixed in .321 because the first item in changelog mentions bluetooth fixes. So there is clearly an unresolved bug in W10M that affects bluetooth syncing on all three of my devices (1 x 920, 2 x 1520). The bug is such an annoyance it is keeping me on 8.1. 

That's correct. No freeze, but the status in action center is not changed. That's exactly what eddsjo wrote and I confirmed having the same symptoms on Lumia 830 @14393.105. Now I can additionally confirm it has not changed in the 14393.187 either. Quite annoying bug.

I get the same on Lumia 830. Still present on build 14393.105.

I thought it was fixed.

If you're on RTM build with latest CU it will not freeze anymore, just hang a little while trying to open connection with Bluetooth antennas. Anyway you shouldn't encounter freezes anymore.

I get the same on Lumia 830. Still present on build 14393.105.
I encounter no freeze but the Quick Action toggle does not get updated. This means the status is shown as ON while it is already OFF. Build 14393. Lumia 950. Early field trial Test sample from the MDG (Mobile Device Group) team in Tampere Finland.

Bluetooth on build 14390 also crashes when using Maps guided direction in car, and also when there are multiple devices connected, Cortana is affected substantially by this in her ability to clearly listen.  If you switch off the Bluetooth music device then Cortana hears clearly and responds immediately.  I think this is all part of the one issue.

I want it

Thank you
I complain about this every build in the insider feedback, this is ridiculous now, we have to remember though Microsoft all but said they don't care about Windows 10 Mobile, and I am Microsoft fan to a fault before anyone yells at me.
I got the microsoftmdg update last night to my Lumia 950 (UK). Great to see double tap return but unfortunately it doesn't seem to have fixed any Bluetooth issues with my phone and car kit connection etc

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