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Build 15007 - No Audio Issue & Workaround

Jason[MS] started on

Hello Insiders!

For PC users in the Fast ring, welcome to build 15007!  As part of this build there is a known issue that will affect some users and we wanted to describe the issue and the simple workaround should you hit this bug after installing the new build.  Details are below:


Some users may hit a bug that has several possible symptoms.  Each of these issues are caused by this same bug:

- No audio

- Continuous high CPU/disk usage

- Edge crashes when opening Settings inside the app


To bypass this bug, please complete the following either the Quick OR Manual steps:

Quick steps:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Paste the following: 

Rmdir /s %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Spectrum\PersistedSpatialAnchors

Shutdown /r

Manual steps:

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Navigate to this folder:


  3. Select the "PersistedSpatialAnchors" folder and click Delete
  4. Reboot the PC

If you encounter a message saying "files are in use" while trying to delete the folder, reboot your PC and try again.

That's it!  You only need to complete these steps one time and the issue is resolved.

If there are any questions, please post so we can address.

Thank you as always!

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