Windows 10 "Tablet Mode" Experience is much WORSE than Windows 8.1 Start/Metro UI Tablet Experience

Just wanted to report my detailed feedback on what's wrong with W10 on my Surface Pro 3, for me.

UPDATE 9 (Final Build - 10240 + Patch 6 / 09/09/2015)

What's still broken and/or must be improved:


  • Tablet Mode: When choosing/resuming opened and multitasked apps from "Task View" preview (clicking or tapping), there's an ugly "white flashing" during the resuming animation and before we can see again the application full screen. It's very jarring and bad to see;
  • Tablet Mode: When the system was in "Connected Standby" for too long, after resuming and going to "Task View" almost all the preview thumbnail are gone/glitched, and only the opened apps Titles remain: very ugly to see;
  • Tablet Mode: Swipe down thumbnails preview to close Apps in "Task View" is missing (inconsistency with touch usage compared to Windows 10 Mobile);
  • Surface Pro 3 Only: turning on the device a "white flash" appears both on first bios loading, and just before Windows Log-in screen. It seems Intel GPU Drivers problem;
  • Tablet Mode (Always on, never prompt): Almost on every boot Start Screen does not appear if there's some legacy desktop program loading in system tray and showing legacy notifications (for example: AdGuard Desktop). The only way to let show it up is tapping many times on Start or exiting/re-entering Tablet Mode from Action Center. Very frustrating;
  • Wi-Fi strenght is unreliable ( performance is flacky while it was rock solid on 8.1 on the same device and environment). New FullHD streaming stuttering arise (where I never had that problem before on same network);
  • Edge often consumes A LOT of CPU and RAM usage (with very few tabs opened);
  • Just starting typing on "Start Screen" (Tablet Mode) does not trigger Searching in Cortana. This is a regression compared to the immediate 8.1 Start Screen typing/searching experience;
  • (Not so new but) We ABSOLUTELY NEED: Edge swiping gestures (back/forward) in Tablet Mode + Full Screen Mode (similar to Metro.IE11) while in Tablet Mode;


  • Calendar Live Tile doesn't update itself (Tablet Mode);
  • Native Maps app doesn't have transit Bus/Metro paths, but only on Foot and Car (Italy);
  • Tablet Mode: when opening File Explorer or any legacy desktop program/window there is a "double-animation" of the window opening in full screen. Annoying;
  • Lock Password Image "blinks to white" before I can enter my image password, I assume it's a bug. Never seen something like that on 8/8.1;
  • When rebooting, it often appears a window saying "Waiting for the programs to close before rebooting". Very Windows 7-Style and annoying, never seen something like that in 8/8.1;
  • In Tablet Mode, clicking with a mouse/trackpad on Task Bar buttons often does not register clicks, and need to be clicked 2/3 times before it register. Works fine with touch instead (it seems a bug with the "pop-up tooltip" when the mouse cursor pass by);
  • "Searchindexer.exe" crashes a lot in Reliability Monitor, and it often hangs for a while active windows;
  • Opening Apps in Tablet Mode with "auto-hide taskbar" enabled shows for 1-2 seconds taskbar on apps splash-screen, it's a bit ugly;
  • In Tablet Mode on boot, sometime there's no "Start Screen" animation, but after log-in it just blinks black, and Start Screen is there. A regression to the beautiful entering of 8.1 Start Screen.


  • Full Screen/Immersive Edge is STILL missing (auto-hiding and animated menu bar / address / favourites bar while scrolling + Swipe Back/Forward like Metro.IE11);
  • Official support of TPLs (Tracking Protection Lists) inside Edge settings pane is STILL missing (manual hack doesn't work anymore);
  • We need better Multi-Display support (Tablet Mode on one display, Desktop on another for example);
  • We need 3+ Snappable Apps in Tablet mode.


  • "Auto-Hide Taskbar" setting independent between Tablet Mode and Desktop mode (with independent Sync between devices) is missing;
  • We need the option to disable the hamburger menu at start screen in Tablet mode;
  • In notification/action center we need the option to adjust brightness level from 0-100% just like charm bar;
  • We need the option completely disable the taskbar at start screen in Tablet Mode;
  • We need Fix for the switching language on touch keyboard just like ios/android keyboard behavior;
  • We need Swipe Virtual Keyboard like Windows Mobile 10 (WordFlow);
  • Import Metro.IE Web Live Tiles into Edge Web Live Tiles missing;
  • We need Improvement to snapping with mouse while in Tablet Mode.


  • 8.1 Start Screen will not transfer over to Windows 10. Not only does 10 make no effort to import my Start Screen, it no longer supports key features of it: 
    * Tile sets are limited to 1 large and 1 medium tile wide. Some of my groups are 3 large tiles wide
    * Web site live tiles no longer show live RSS content consistently - some sites work, others don't
    * Start backgrounds are no longer supported
    * Start colors are not customizable -- they follow the accent color
  • In tablet mode, opening a new app when two others are snapped erases the snap relationship requiring the user to re-snap apps (i.e. the app opens full screen instead of asking for a target pane like in 8.1).
  • Resizable snap is only available in Tablet mode, and Tablet mode is not available when using multiple monitors
  • Resizable snap and resizable desktop windows are now mutually exclusive. Allow option to resize desktop apps in tablet mode.
  • 8.1 allowed snapping from the task list but the task view that replaces it does not allow snapping. Snapping is also impossible from the task bar.
  • In Tablet mode, snap is limited to two panes per monitor -- down from four in 8.1

PLEASE, now SHARE this list inside your W10 "Feedback App" (adding all your personal issues too).

That's the only way for MS to REALLY notices us.

Thanks! :) 


Windows 10 Build 10130 Tablet Mode still broken (VIDEO)


Other Suggestions with a Concept Image (Thanks Joseph-WilfriedRosenbaum ):


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We're almost 25.000+ Insider requesting "Tablet Mode" Improvements right now!!!

Thank you


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Don't worry I did that last night :)
VERY good. :)

Did anyone noticed that setting 200% scaling in Surface 3 makes everything larger in start screen and some apps? (desktop side os ok for touch).

Some apps are now unusable (eg. mail) and snap is disabled. This is because windows 10 uses the scaling factor to scale everything (windows 8.1 scales the desktop side only).

Suggestion to add: Allow separate scaling settings for desktop and start screen/apps: 

So, while we've been fighting to get back tablet features, this happened:

In short, the list of installed apps won't sync between Windows 10 devices (no word on app settings).  And we already knew we were losing our Start Screen layouts. What we now know is even the nerfed 10 Start Screen layouts won't sync.

Here's a Uservoice to try to undo this:

I'm about ready to uninstall the two copies of ten I have running -- one on a Surface 3 and one in a VM. Between this latest news, the outstanding issues in this thread, and the destruction of Onedrive due to the elimination of placeholders I'm pretty much done.  I'll be on 8.1 for awhile.

Thanks for trying, all. I'm glad at least some of you will be able to enjoy 10.  Maybe one day I'll be among you, but July 29th will not be that day.



In short, the list of installed apps won't sync between Windows 10 devices (no word on app settings).  And we already knew we were losing our Start Screen layouts. What we now know is even the nerfed 10 Start Screen layouts won't sync.


Thanks for trying, all. I'm glad at least some of you will be able to enjoy 10.  Maybe one day I'll be among you, but July 29th will not be that day.


Yesterday I've taken the same decisión after Reading this article.

An additiional issue (which is also applicable to desktop mode).

In Surface 3, my scaling is 200%, good enough for touch, everything is crispy as well (win 8.1)

But Win 10 applies this scaling to he start screen and Universal apps (from a remote desktop). The result is:

-Snap is disabled

-In some apps like mail everything is too big (you can't see the list of emails and current email in the same screen).

Other people complain that they see things too small.

Suggestion: allow different scaling for desktop and non desktop applications.

Here is the uservoice where you can vote:

I'm writing this right now from my Surface Pro 3 with 8.1 - Man, I love this thing. I've been testing 10 for so long on my Teclast x98- it kind of bums me out to have sacrificed that cool little tablet to Windows 10. It was way more impressive on Windows 8.1 . It had better performance too.

NO WAY I'm downgrading my SP3 to Windows 10. No way.

Microsoft better pull their heads out of the sand fast. Reporting huge quarter losses, and yet their Surface line was a shining light of profit in a terrible quarter, and now with huge hopes on Windows 10. So, the one area they did well in they're about to gimp with this deeply flawed new OS that tosses Tablet UI under the bus.

Catering to Windows 7 users was a huge mistake. Using the words, "Windows 7" when describing the benefits of Windows 10 was a huge mistake. Saying the "return" of the start menu is a huge mistake. All of these ways that Windows 10 is described using yesterday's terms. Nothing about that screams the future. It all screams yesterday.

No way I'm downgrading.

The future of pc industry is actually windows touch device and 2 in 1 hybrid/tablet PC.

MS has to focus more than ever to that functionality given the best of the best of his efforts.

returning to the past and last decade behavior is huge step down to the ecosystem of Windows.

As told before the hybrid/2 in 1 device is the most growing segment of pc industry and MS what is doing now has no excuse at all.

Tablet mode as it is today there is no point at all because is actually maximized desktop mode 

The desktop mode actually is better for /tablet touch use than tablet mode.

It's better now to focus to make the desktop mode more and more touch friendly and get rid of it the tablet mode immediately.

With 8.1 they had the best tablet UI way better than android or iOS,they had truly treasure in their hand and now simple destroy to go back to last decade just to satisfy Windows 7 user and ignoring that the touch is the future of Windowd pc industry.

In Win 10 do we have the ability to invoke search by just typing in  start screen(tablet start menu in 10)  similar to 8.1? Or do we have to click the search box on taskbar to bring up search/cortana? I tried 8.1 method on 10 and no search box popped up

Am I doing it wrong or is that feature also gone?

(BTW Stardock has updated classic start screen for 10. Similar to Win 7. No luck for tablet mode though)

I could not agree with you more.  I see three primary platforms.  Phone (up to 6", maybe 8), tablets/convertibles/touch screens (10" and above), desktops (all screen sizes but mainly 12" and above plus multiple screens, all optimized for keyboard and mouse).

Apple and Android own the phone platform.  Apple first and then Android hit the markets at just the right time with the right blend of the latest touchscreen phone technology with a good user interface.  It did require a learning curve but once learned it was fun to use and set the standard for phone screens

Microsoft owns the desktop with Windows 7 being a fabulous, evolved platform for getting work done on a desktop environment.  It is extremely efficient for mouse and keyboard use and I have never been hesitant to upgrade to new versions.  And that's all the way from DOS to Windows 7.  Going from DOS to Windows was obviously the most dramatic UX change.  Although there was a learning curve (particularly for someone very comfortable using the keyboard with DOS commands), the paradigm shift was definitely spot on.

And then there are tablets and larger touchscreens.  Apple ported their phone platform with great success but that trajectory has slowed.  I think the trajectory has slowed because tablet users (at least me) would prefer something more robust on larger screens than what you get with essentially a ported phone OS.  Tablets and touch-screens should be able to handle the more sophisticated desktop type applications as well as the ported phone apps.  Phone apps on 8 or 10 inch tablets may be adequate but once you go larger than that, they need to be so much more.

To me, Windows 8.1 was that new paradigm shift needed for tablets/convertibles/all touchscreens.  Yes, there is a learning curve, but just like going from DOS to Windows, once learned, it is a joy to use and extremely efficient.  Windows 8 and 8.1 has suffered only because Microsoft failed to adequately port and keep as a default, the Windows 7 start menu. After all, it has evolved to what it is because it is simple and efficient for keyboard and mouse. Why change it unless it somehow becomes easier and more efficient.  Forcing the new tile based start screen on desktop users without allowing them to make it a choice over the start menu was huge mistake.  

Initially, I thought Window's 10 was going to rectify the PR damage by taking the best of Windows 7 for desktop and mouse,  the best of Windows 8.1 for touch screens,  and blend them with the new features such as Cortana.  Well, Microsoft appears to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater since many of the new paradigm features that made Window's 8.1 a joy to use on tablets and touchscreens are gone.  As to why, I'm not sure other than Microsoft hopes app developers for Apple and Android will use some of the new development software that is supposed to make it easier to port iOS and Android apps to Windows.  If this is the case, I think it's wrong because as I said earlier, who wants phone and small tablet apps on desktops and tablets with larger screens.  Microsoft should be doubling down on providing support to port robust desktop programs and more sophisticated productivity apps to it's new Window's 8.1 touch paradigm.

Alas, it's not to be.  A huge amount of resources have now been spent on reengineering the user interface and many of the 8.1 programs which in my mind worked great.  Many still needed tweaking but they have now been replaced and not for the better.  All I can do now is just watch from the sidelines and see what happens.  I will not be upgrading anytime soon.

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