Windows 10 Mobile TP Build 10512 - Collective BUGS and Feedback Thread

So, here's my full list of bugs and feedback for improving Windows 10 Mobile starting from Build 10512 (I'm testing it on a Lumia 920):

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 - BUGS AND FEEDBACK LIST:


  • Upgrading from WP8.1 takes very long time, almost 2 hours before I logged in W10M Start Screen on my Lumia 920;
  • Upgrading from WP8.1 generates a Start Screen bug where it took very long time for it to load-up. "Resuming..." took an average of 20-30 seconds before Start Screen to load, even after quitting a simple app by pressing Home or Back button;
  • Upgrading from 8.1 downgrade Firmware version from Denim to Cyan;
  • Lag, slowdowns, crashes and many bugs stayed even after 24 hours of the phone let alone doing its things, and settling down;
  • SO: Upgrading as a whole was a very painful process and the only solution for the problems above (and many other quirks and oddness) was in the end an HARD-RESET of the device, WITHOUT restoring an old Backup, but starting new. Very annoying and time consuming;
  • PLEASE IMPROVE UPGRADE EXPERIENCE: Both from WP8.1 -> W10M, and from Old W10M build -> to new W10M. Always doing Hard Reset after an upgrade is NOT acceptable.


  • Camera App: swipe from left to right to smoothly load Camera Roll photos is missing. A downgrade compared to stock 8.1 Camera App;
  • Many animations are missing: for example opening Edge "Hubs" button, Edge "Tabs" button does not trigger any animation, and the next menu just appears like Windows 95. It happens many times with many OS menus, very ugly and a regression compared to WP8.1;
  • Lock-Screen is very slow: it takes 4 second for Time and Date to appear, and many seconds to unlock to Start Screen;
  • PIN Screen is visually very ugly compared to both Android/iOS, and should be totally re-done and polished;
  • Many apps trigger "Loading" or "Resuming" black screen, while they never did on WP8.1 (for example: Facebook, Tubecast, Twitter, Mail, Calendar);
  • Action Center needs transparency like Windows 10 Desktop (or iOS7-8-9);
  • Edge renders slowly and crashes on some webpages (example: or or;
  • Edge ABSOLUTELY needs an AdBlocker or TPLs (Tracking Protection Lists) support. See new iOS9 Beta native ad-blocking features. It's night and day browsing after that;
  • Edge doesn't have "Google" search engine option instead of Bing;
  • Glance is not present in the "Extras" section. It can be opened from Store only;
  • Glance shows time only, and partial date or notifications even if enabled fully;
  • When clicking the Power button to wake the phone, there is bad flickering showing Start Screen for a brief second, and only after Lock Screen appears;
  • Unlocking from Lock Screen still requires 3-4 seconds to show Start Screen (while on black screen + Resuming...);
  • HERE Transit isn't available in store;
  • Italian new "Maps" doesn't have tranit (Bus/Metro) public transport support, only on foot + car. HERE Maps still has it instead. Please, add it for Italy too;
  • Swiping to "All apps" list, and then back to Start Screen reload Background (along with refreshing and flickering tiles) and lags;
  • Live Tiles often flickers and/or not update themselves;
  • Swiping down the Action Center has a lag/delay of 2-3 seconds before it shows itself;
  • Calendar Live Tile doesn't update itself;
  • SMS app is VERY slow to open;
  • Performance is sometime faster than 8.1.2, sometime lags a lot more. A LOT More performance optimization needed;
  • Live Tiles on Start Screen completely stop working after a lot of apps were used and multitasked;
  • New Outlook app is slow to open, and hangs;
  • LinkedIn is no more integrated in People App.

PLEASE, now SHARE this list inside your W10M "Feedback App" (adding all your personal issues too).

That's the only way for MS to REALLY notices us.

Thanks! :) 

Oh, and I almost forgot:

  • Camera App: swipe from left to right to smoothly load Camera Roll photos is missing. A downgrade compared to stock 8.1 Camera App.

  • Groove Music stops playing music when other media content is loaded in the player (like it should be)...but then loses last playlist playing, and can't be resumed if not relaunched again from the beginning...


yes, I can second most of the points, plus there are more, that I see:

* Photos: the whole management of photos is a mess and not consistent. When using WhatsApp I'm not able to access pictures that are in OneDrive. But I do see other pictures that the Photo App doesn't show. Sometimes new pictures are at the bottom, then they are at the top of the list

* Mail & notification: for me that is a business phone and I need to have a reliable way to be informed about new mails, tasks, messages. Unfortunately WP 10 is not reliable here. It is no longer possible to have different sounds for the different inboxes. Information on the Glance screen is sometimes right, sometimes wrong.

Blackberry is the very best phone when it comes to managing sounds and notifications. That is a really perfect system.

* Mail App: the typing experience is AWFUL ! Why does MS tries to mimic what they did with Office 2013 on the PC ? It is a phone and it MUSTN'T have that smooth typing cursor. It distracts a lot as I type (swype) a lot faster than the cursor animation is. Other apps (like messaging and WhatsApp don't have that and are much better)

* The delay when unlocking the screen (which was introduced with the latest build) is somewhat stupid. Should be a nice fade-in effect. But what for ? If I want to quickly check the time or mails it is just a pain

* Every did a typo when entering the SIM ? Never ever press the back button too often. It will kick you out of the app without the possibility to re-enter the SIM PIN. a reboot is needed to get the phone working :-S

* Recently, titles suddenly were missing on the start screen (Photos) and after a reboot it was back again. Same happened to mail

* Uploading Pictures to OneDrive is no longer relieable as was with the previous build

Overall lots of tweaking and improvements are needed. WP 8.1 was good - here we do see a big step back

Yeah, on many area WM10 is much better and evolved compared to WP8.1 (for example: Start Screen Personalization, Settings, New Universal Apps, Office, Notifications, Xbox App, Continuum, Cortana, Groove Music, Edge far superior to IE in terms of speed and HTML5/CSS rendering and compliance and so on)

On many others is a very big step back (for example: Photos app, stock Camera app performance and Camera Roll, Apps opening/Loading-Screens performance, Lockscreen, Glance, Live Tiles reliability, many Animations, SMS app performance, Dialer App performance, Action Center performance, general OS performance and snappiness)

New W10M TP build planned for today or tomorrow.

It seems it fixes Lockscreen lag, many performance slow-downs, and hopefully some of the issues above.

Finger crossed...

Right, the lockscreen lag has been fixed on the new build. But many other things are broken now:

* cannot set custom notification sounds

* push notifications don't work relieable, WhatsApp messages are delivered with a delay of 10 minutes

* number of new messages on the live tiles

Still not working:

* correct number of new messages on the lockscreen

* data sense settings

* when entereing the SIM PIN: pressing the backspace key once too often closes the screen and requires a reboot to be able to enter the PIN again

* the calender reminder sound is played every time a new mail arrives when the calender item is still shown

* notification settings in the mail account settings gone missing

* ...

To be honest: I'm wondering what improvements have been made in that latest build (10536). Are we getting anywhere ? Yes, the photo app has been improved. But that is an app and not the base system (kernel).

Ah, and yes, I did a hard reset, as my phone got bricked during the upgrade. So I had to use the WPRT to go back to 8.1 upgrade to 10, hard reset to get my backup restored...


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