Project Athena - new ideas for meeting stystems

Project Athena

Working with Project Sparta and Cortana has brought together a few thoughts that I would like to 'Put out there!' for comment.  Here are some rough ideas of a nice merging of some of the exciting MS tech we are seeing as part of the Windows 10 Tech preview.

The name - Athena is an interactive meeting room which is built on several Microsoft technologies.  Athens is understood to be the source of many of our ideas about democracy and debate.


  1. Embedded PC, like an Intel NUC, running Windows 10 networked into the domain is the platform – ability to drive three screens, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.

  2. Large display screen, sized to the room, is the visual interface

  3. Kinect for windows running off the PC is the sensor for Athena

  4. Small interactive display with 10 point finger and pen input allows interactions with the system requiring a software keyboard

  5. Second display for bigger systems that are used for remote access

  6. Athena will have controls for the lighting and any other physical hardware necessary to control the environment such as the air conditioning for temperature


  1. Athena is a specialized autonomous user with structured restricted rights

  2. Windows 10 with Cortana as the primary interface to give a natural language method of interaction without a keyboard

  3. Kinect for windows will allow Athena to recognize and track individual users

  4. Domain membership to be able to work as a trusted part of the team, access resources and be used as a resource

  5. Lync meeting software to allow the sharing of documents on the network with remote users

  6. Versions of Office, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel, that will allow interaction and collaboration from multiple users

  7. Composite file with recorded input is saved to the system as a record of the meeting – voice recording should also be a function.

  8. Other sources such as video or broadcast should be possible as inputs to the system


  1. Athena to act as the Host and support the Chair of the meeting as this will be critical for organization and interaction

  2. Athena linked into domain and exchange so that the venue can be booked and she will know who the organizer and attendees are

  3. Athena should be able to initiate connections to remote people and send out reminders to people are who not present and have accepted

  4. Organizer has control over the system to start the meeting and, when necessary, assume control of the interface

  5. Athena should allow an organizer to control lighting levels etc. and remember that for the future

  6. Documents can be emailed to her for the meeting so that they are available locally and can be shared remotely

  7. On someone entering the venue, Athena starts up and identifies the person or greets the person if she remembers them

  8. Athena to identify any participant, if there is a ‘guest’ then their name is recorded

  9. Athena displays the agenda, objectives and list of compulsory attendees that accepted and changes their status as they enter or log on

  10. During the meeting people can ‘put up their hands’ to get the ‘podium’ and right to speak, recognized party’s ID is displayed top right hand side of screen

  11. People should be able to ‘log into meeting’ with their own device and display their screen to the others, this screen display will become part of the meeting record

  12. Athena can track the small display and record that person’s input as theirs

  13. Athena can also just sit quietly if there is a conventional meeting, in this case Athena will simply switch on the lights, watch the temperature and time with optional identification of attendees

  14. Base data needs to be gathered of meetings in the form of number of people attending, duration and frequencies

  15. In the last five minutes of a meeting, if another meeting is immediately afterwards then a countdown timer will be displayed on the screen


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