Continuum Insight #4: In what environments would you want to use Continuum for phone?

The Continuum Team is eager to hear Insider feedback as we consider future plans for Continuum for phone.  As such, we're posting a series of questions to gather insight to help tailor the ongoing design efforts.

Question #4:  In what environments would you want to use Continuum for phone?

We are very interested in learning how Continuum for phone fits into your life!

Where would you use Continuum for phone (home office, connected to big screen TV, kitchen, dorm room, touchdown area in a public space, etc.)?

To learn more about Continuum, you can find answers to some commonly asked questions here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts – thanks!

-Continuum Team


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When traveling and studying would be much more convenient than to lug along a PC 10 times heavier. Great to just have full power of Windows on a phone.

Use from a hotel room TV for remotely connecting to the office.

Use in my living room for slideshows.

While working on my main PC I like to have a second PC with which I also have running. My 950 has replaced my 3 year old desktop. I use that to keep Twitter, Mail, and web browser running along with Skype/Messenger.

For me, I am using Continuum at work and Home Office. Continuum is missing only few features to completely replace my work laptop. One, which I am not sure why Microsoft is NOT taking seriously, is being able to better run Skype for Business from continuum and have all the features the Desktop version does. Specially sharing desktop or viewing presentations, sending receiving files, etc.

Second, which seems to be addressed and will be fixed soon but not fully. Is updating the RDP app to support Continuum. However, please add all the same features the Desktop PC RDP has. Supporting gateway information, audio and USB passthrough, and finally, Smart Card logins.

Please add these features soon!

Thank you Microsoft. Continuum ROCKS but its just not there yet!

Work! Home office! Living room.. I'm going to put it everywhere!

Hi Jason,

For me Continuum would be used when I don't have access to a PC/Xbox setup for me (home or work). I'm planning to check out the combination of mobile Continuum and a pocket projector (probably with HDMI connection). I understand that this is a setup which proves mostly useful for media consumption, but it all depends on what accessories I have with me.



From a hotel cubicle at work, hotel room, living room, home office., and anywhere else there is a monitor/keyboard/mouse that I could use.

I want to use it at home and at work.

Home for when I need access to email, excel,word, power point when main pc is in use.

At work I want Microsoft to work hard to get companies to buy into Continuum.

When a new employee turns up at a company the person should be given a MS phone, continuum box, and blue tooth keyboard and mouse. Then told all the desks in the company are hot desks and all have a screen on to plug into.

email, excel,word, powerpoint - should be enough for normal user to go about daily jobs.

For power users it should remote desktop into the companies infrastructure for access to a real pc.

That's a big change to the working world, one device that can do most things, portable, use on the road, use at the desk, take home, continue working.

A phone and set  up that can do this has to be cheaper for a company to support, that PC costs.

Microsoft must make sure they sell this into companies and make sure the back ends can support this.

This has the ability to be a massive game changer - if you get the targeting right.

I had my company purchase one for a touchdown space where we have monitors; keyboards ; mice ; network connection available.  You bring your device.  I think this would be an interesting use case for our office....that's my "work" life use.

My home life use will be at my second home where I don't keep an internet connection / PC.  I was thinking about buying a stick pc - however, I'm going with a continuum dock and wireless keyboard/mouse to stream Netflix, xbox movies, groove music and slingplayer (for slingbox).   Just wish I could get amazon instant video.  This is for my "home life".   

Edge browser needs some work to render pages - especially ones with embedded video - properly on a 4k display.  It renders properly on my 1080p tvs.  would be nice if some of my home automation apps like Hueestro, and Phonos worked...I still have to switch over to my phone.  At least Cozy app works for my nest.  Would be nicer if we actually got Windows 10 universal apps for Hue lighting, Sonos, and Nest - but I"ll make do if they become universal apps that work on mobile.

Facebook still needs work :/

Personally, I would use a Continuum device for everything, work (programmer), school (doctoral student), and personal (TV show binger). I would use it to work from home or any other time I'm out of the office.

I can also see it useful in a variety of situations, including healthcare. One medical record app on phone with easy touch record keeping (updating basic information or looking things up on the go) and docked in the table for more robust record keeping in the same app (continue where they left off). It would be quite useful.

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