Continuum Insight #2: How will you use Remote Desktop with Continuum for phone?

The Continuum Team is eager to hear Insider feedback as we consider future plans for Continuum for phone.  As such, we're posting a series of questions to gather insight to help tailor the ongoing design efforts.

Question #2How will you use Remote Desktop with Continuum for phone?

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around being able to connect to a remote desktop from Continuum for phone.  We are excited to share that the Remote Desktop Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will be released very soon in Technical Preview.  

We are very interested in hearing more from remote desktop users to help prioritize investments in this much-requested app. 

How do you intend to use it on Continuum for phone?  What apps will you run and what tasks will you do? In what environments or scenarios will you use it?

To learn more about Continuum, you can find answers to some commonly asked questions here.

Thank you in advance!

-Continuum Team

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I currently use remote desktop to connect to my work desktop. The experience of my 5.2" screen is somewhat limited. Using continuum, this will be a great productivity boost.
Azure Virtual Machines!! What else?!

RDP is one of my most used ways of working from home. I don't have to worry about and of the firewall rules on a home PC to be able to work from home. A secure VPN and remote desktop are usually enough for me.

Extending RDP to Continuum is probably the quickest way to boost productivity with Continuum. In it's infancy, this will be the fall back app for people that need to get any and all sort of work done. I think the best areas to focus would be to ensure a minimally lag experience, and ability to multitask easy both within the RDP and in the phone.

One of the most irritating things about Remote Desktop is app switching since once you're in the RDP, alt-tab switches within your remote desktop. Maybe a special shortcut for RDP apps (Win+Alt+tab?). Anyways, the point is don't make it irritating to use with confusing keyboard shortcuts and too much lag.

If you can reduce the lag in RDP with a Wireless Continuum, then you're in business!

Mail - photo editing; streaming music while I'm working.  Skype for business meetings to see content large and Citrix Receiver client.

The main thing is manage my server (2012r2), though it'd also be nice for RemoteApp support so that I could simulate a real desktop experience.

As an IT Admin, I would use RDP to connect back to a virtual machine that has all my networking tools installed.  This would allow me to travel with nothing more than a phone and portable keyboard/mouse to on-site locations and if I have a need to check on something back at work, I could connect to any nearby monitor, fire up my VPN connection and then RDP to my virtual workstation that has all my networking tools.

I could also see this being used in training environments.  In most technical training classes you have to bring your own laptop to connect to a pre-existing virtual lab.  A few times I've gone and someone has of course brought a Mac and they are totally screwed because the lab uses something like Silverlight or an ActiveX plugin or something like that and then we are all scrambling to find a real PC for them.  If labs were designed to work with Continuum, it would be just yet another way to participate in a lab, all while carrying less or lighter gear (assuming the hosting training company has spare monitors, OR maybe they are actually fully setup with dock/monitor/keyboard/mouse and expect all students to bring a Win10 Mobile device to attach.)

My plan is to use it to connect to my work network and be able to be "productive like a boss" wherever I may be. Mostly, I would be working with servers and checking MFT's.
Being a Mechanical engineer I use CAD &FEA softwares like CREO CATIA ansys etc using the remote desktop of my university. It would be great if the remote desktop could be a UWP app. I wont need to carry my laptop all the time.
To play asphalt 8 with my friends across the world, wish there was real racing three on windows 10
I would VPN to work and use VisualStudio on my more bringing my laptop home every day "just in case" something comes up and I have to work from home.

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