Continuum Insight #1: What apps matter most on Continuum for phone?

The Continuum Team is eager to hear Insider feedback as we consider future plans for Continuum for phone.  As such, we're posting a series of questions to gather insight to help tailor the ongoing design efforts.

Question #1What apps matter most on Continuum for phone?

We know that users want to be able to use more apps with Continuum. To help us prioritize getting the apps that you love and need the most, we’d like your feedback!

If you could use any app on your phone with Continuum, what would you use that you can’t today?

If you could use any app that you have on your desktop or laptop PC with Continuum, what would you use?

To learn more about Continuum, you can find answers to some commonly asked questions here.

Thanks for all the excellent feedback on Continuum for phone - keep it coming!

- Continuum Team


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First, Continuum would work best with apps that make the best out of all possible screen real estate. The Office apps are a great example of this.

A recommendation is that it would be great to be able to plug an Xbox One controller to the display dock would great for games such as Asphalt 8.

If I could use any on my phone with continuum not available today it would be the various Photo editing apps as it would be extremely helpful to edit the great Photos that Windows Phones provide on a larger screen.

If I could use app that I have one my laptop/PC it would be obviously all the apps I can run on PC/laptop like full Photoshop or Office it would be great to carry around a phone with the power of a full PC in a phone instead on luging a big heavy equivalent all around.

Thanks for letting us share our thoughts and hoping to see improvements in the future.

Just more universal apps, especially photo/graphic design type apps.  Extensions on Edge would also help transfer the desktop experience to phone .

Office Suite of course. A must for business users

Photos to show a slideshow

Remote Desktop Client

Mail and Calendar

Visual Studio Code would be a killer on continuum. Being able to edit some code anywhere would be amazing.

And for web development, we already have pretty much all other tools needed available (a browser).

Entertainment apps. Netflix, Hulu, games, etc.

Remote Desktop.

Gaming is a strong suit for continuum, as much as productivity. Having the ability to stream my Xbox to my phone or to my Continuum docked experience, would be great. Continuum would also be good for turning the device into a micro-console, with Xbox features carrying through, such as playing a game and snapping (a less resource intensive) app like Messaging to the side (or Skype or friends list).

Making all Windows 10 Mobile devices into a portable (handheld) Xbox, a micro-console version of an Xbox (probably powerful enough for classic Xbox games), and a dockable, streaming Xbox thin-client, would all be killer features.

But as a productivity feature, I use a lot of Visual Studio. If I can have a light-weight coding environment with light compilation on device or large compilation on a build server, that would also be cool. If not, VPN + RDP.

It would be great for social networks, like instagram and facebook, and some photoediting programs, like photoshop.
The most important app would be the Citrix Receiver so that I could work from anywhere I have a phone and monitor/TV.

There are many apps I use they may never be updated to work with Continuum.  Could unsupported apps just open in mirror view instead of being greyed out?

Continuum would be greatest if I had the ability to use win32 apps. Wouldn't it be great to be able to launch an .exe file from your phone on your big screen TV?

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