Edge Browser hijacked. Unable to reset.

GrahamAdler asked on

I have somehow managed to get a popup blocking access to my Edge browser on Windows 10 build 10162.  It tells me I have a Virus.  Edge says it blocked the popup as per the screenshot attached but I cannot close out.  I terminate the browser through Task manager but when I start up Edge again, the popup is still there and I cannot do anything a all with the browser.  I was not on any suspicious site that I know of, all I was searching for Windows RSAT for this install.  Any ideas as to how to remove this would be much appreciated!I did scan the computer with Microsoft's Malicious Software removal tool without success.  I also searched the registry again, no luck  IE had a safe mode that often allowed one to back out something dumb.  Does Edge have a similar mode?

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Mark A. M. replied on

Better yet, close the browser and go to airplane mode.  Once the computer doesn't have internet connection, launch MS Edge again and you can close the tab.
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