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Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS is now here! Thank you for the 2 years of support to everyone who responded with feedback in this thread, and a special thank you to Microsoft Consumers like you! Download the App on Google Play or Apple's App Store

Hello. With the Recent Launch of Windows 10, Cortana was made available for Android and iPhone. This allows your personal assistant to stay with you on more than one device. So your personal assistant is even smarter and twice as convenient. 

So, With your Personal Assistant being everywhere, Why not your Browser?

Microsoft Edge is a Great Browser and for some users, has replaced Chrome and Firefox (and other browsers). With Microsoft Edge being available on Android and iOS, The user base would triple. Not only that, but Microsoft would also make it easier for users to sync tabs, passwords and other information to be more available. This would be very productive and like Satya Nadella said, "Would empower people to do, and achieve more".

Why Would This Be a Good Idea for Microsoft:

Well, as described above, It would make people’s life's easier not needing to go switch between devices trying to remember that article or password. Cortana “could” be built into Edge for Android and iOS, and make intelligent predictions like it does on Windows. 

It would solve one problem. Microsoft’s Browsers. If you don't know what I mean, I'm saying that Microsoft’s Browser(s) have never been cross platform (Excluding IE for Mac and Unix Made Over A Decade Ago). That's one reason some people tend to look for other another browser. Cross Platform Compatibility. Users want services that are convenient and easy where they can access their data (in this case passwords, browser history, etc.) without needing to enter their information in another browser. Some people have up to 50+ different accounts and passwords they are expected to remember.

More People using Microsoft’s Great Services to do and achieve more. This one speaks for itself. That's what Windows 10 and Windows 8 are focusing on. Think. These are services Microsoft already has on Android and iOS.


*Microsoft Rewards

* and Outlook

*Microsoft Word

*Microsoft PowerPoint

*Microsoft Excel

*Microsoft Office (For Low-End Phones)

*Microsoft Translator

*Microsoft Account



* Xbox Smartglass (Xbox One, 360)

*Office Lens



*Skype for Business (Formerly Lync)

*MSN Apps
*Next Lockscreen

*Arrow Launcher


And here are ones for iOS:

(There is way too many to add to this, but according to iTunes, Microsoft has made 93 Apps for iPhone and iPads!)

Microsoft has already made 50+ Super Convenient Apps that have helped people. They can help those and new people by making it available for Android and iOS. After All, Android is one of the most used Operating Systems in History and iOS apps tend to be downloaded much more than on Android and Windows Phone. It'd be a smart move for Microsoft. They want people to move to their services and this would be a great move for Microsoft! They could triple the current users! Android has over 1,000,000,000 devices out there. And iOS has more users who use Microsoft apps than on Android and Windows Phone! Edge could be running on them soon. Please tell Microsoft what you think below :)


What do you think?

Tell Microsoft Below (Please Know, That I'm not a Microsoft Employee, I'm a Microsoft Enthusiast. Think of this like a petition.)

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Do we know whats MEdge's user-base count already? It's been half a week already but with Windows 10 in so many millions of computers world-wide, how many adopted the "new IExplorer"? I know I have, I am using exclussively edge since I installed Win10.


Until Microsoft comes out with an Android version of Edge I will have to continue using Firefox exclusively simply for the sync capability.  I would like to give Edge a try but not until then.

Travis is correct, I keep changing my android browsers every other week. Microsoft can provide stability in this regard. Edge for Android, gives Android an Edge. Hahhhhhaaaaa.

I would switch from Chrome to Edge in a heartbeat if it was available on Android. The only thing stopping me from using it at all is the fact that it isn't with me wherever I am (phone, PC, etc). Edge is far superior to Chrome in terms of speed and use but it is basically sandboxed to my computer. Chrome has my data and my devices covered so I will stick with it until Microsoft ports Edge to other platforms.

It would solve one problem. Microsoft’s Great Browsers. If you don't know what I mean, I'm saying that Microsoft’s Browser(s) have never been cross platform (Excluding IE for Mac).

Not to be nitpicking over details, but IE for Mac was not the only cross platform Microsoft browser. Back in the day, there was also Internet Explorer for UNIX.

Yes, we do need a Microsoft Edge version for android. I don't like other web browser like Firefox or all that stuff in android like Dolphin, Opera and more. I only like Chrome, but now with Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 I can feel the speed, easy to use and good user interface.

I have an android smartphone with Chrome, but it would be amazing if Microsoft Edge were for android. Surfing the net with ME on android would be faster, easier and it'd sync with my laptop and Xbox (when Xbox gets Windows 10)

I agree with you and would also like to see the windows 8/10 reading list as an android app.  In fact, as a former windows phone user, I would love to see windows 10 mobile exist as an android and ios app.  The OS is awesome on a phone but can't gain traction without the apps, so just let it exist as an app itself and we could get the best of both worlds. 

Yes! I think it would be amazing if Edge was available on Android. Microsoft has been incredibly good thus far with making sure it's apps are available on almost every device (OneDrive for example)

If their willing to go as far as making Cortana available on Android and iOS, then maybe the company will listen to the community and make Edge a non-exclusive app. I think if their passed the days of charging for a CD of their operating system then making Edge available "Universally" wouldn't be too far of a stretch.

Also, If it's supposed to be SO easy to port an Android app to a universal one, then maybe it wouldn't be to hard to port Edge (a universal app) to Android. This might help Bing gain traction in the mobile market as well.

Si mie mi-ar place Edge ca are viteză dar sa ia si de la Chrome traducerea automată a tuturor siteurilor pe care intrăm plus aplicatii gen Adblock sau Adblock Plus pentru a bloca reclamele.Ar fi dupa **** s-a spus un mare si imens succes!
I agree, Microsoft Edge must be available on Android. This browser is the best and users who like it should be available anywhere to use Microsoft Edge. 

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