Paint 3D Preview: Frequently Asked Questions

Install and update

  1. Q: Why can I not find or download Paint 3D Preview?

    A: The Paint 3D Preview requires Windows 10 and is only available through the Windows Store in English only.

  2. Q: Is it necessary to run Windows Insiders Preview builds to access the Paint 3D Preview on Windows 10?

    A: Yes. In order to download and run the Paint 3D Preview, you will need to update your Insider build to the Windows 10 Creators Update (Build 14800 or greater). 

  3. Q: What are the minimum system requirements to run the Paint 3D Preview?

    A: Same as Windows 10. For Preview, you should expect better performance when using DirectX 10 or greater.

Getting Started
  1. Q:  What can I do in the new Paint 3D Preview app?

    A:  With the new Paint 3D Preview app, it’s a snap to create 3D objects from scratch or modify a creation from someone else.  Easily change color, texture, materials or turn a 2D picture into a 3D object with just a click or two.  When you’re ready, share the 3D model to, upload a screenshot to your favorite social site or print in 3D.

  2. Q:  I’ve never created anything in 3D before – anything I should know?

    A:  When you open Paint 3D Preview for the 1st time, you’ll see a series of videos in the Start screen that should provide some great inspiration to get started.  

    Just don’t forget – unlike in 2D, 3D allows you to edit all sides of a model (top, bottom, back) and move different objects in depth (z axis).  Have fun!

  1. Q:  How do I go back to the videos / challenges / start screen after I’ve already gotten started creating?

    A:  Closing Paint 3D Preview and re-opening it will bring the videos/challenge/start screen back up.

  2. Q:  What type of 3D file types can I Import/Open? 

    A:  We currently support .fbx, .3mf, .stl, and .obj file types.  FBX and OBJ are very popular 3D file formats, supported by many software packages. 3MF and STL are 3D printing file formats. 

    We may add more file types in the future, please leave feedback on the Feedback Hub for other file types.

  3. Q:  What type of 2D file types can I Import/Open? 

    A:  We currently support .png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, bmp, dib, gif, tif, tiff, ico.  Please leave feedback on the Feedback Hub for other file types.

  4. Q:  I ‘opened’ an object, why was that object not added to my existing workspace?

    A:  Use the "Insert" button instead, since this adds an existing 2D or 3D file to your project.

  5. Q:  What happens if I “Save” a project with a mix of 2D & 3D objects as 2D file format?

    A:  File flattens into a 2D image - from the initial camera angle. 

  6. Q:  How can I preserve individual objects if I “Save” a file with a mix of 2D & 3D objects?

    A:  This is not currently supported as a 3D model file type, but this can be done by choosing "Save Project."

  7. Q:  Where do I find the file created by “Save project”? / How can I share this file with my friends?

    A:   "Save Project" is an intermediate step while working on your creation. You can reopen a project you were working on by opening Paint 3D, going to the Expand menu, then selecting the Open menu.

    To share with your friends you can “share” to social media, "Publish to the community" or "Save As" and chose your file type you’d like to share (either 3D or 2D file types).

  8. Q:  What are the file format limitations when performing “Save As” in 2D?

    A:  We support saving .BMP, .PNG, .JPG, .JPEG, .JFIF, .GIF, .JPE, .TIFF, .TIF 2D file types. Please use one of these formats and leave feedback on Windows Feedback Hub if you’d like us to add more types in the future. 

9. Q:  How do I publish without the background?

  A: To remove the backdrop from your workspace in Paint 3D Preview, go to the Backdrop Panel, then toggle Show backdrop to the off position.  Alternatively, this can also be done through the Expand menu -> Settings -> then toggle Show backdrop to the off position.

Known Issues

  1. Q:  I saved a project as a 3D object (.fbx,.3mf, .stl) and am now trying to re-edit, but it is all one model.  How do I get this back to multiple objects?

    A:  Unfortunately we don't support that at the moment. To save and re-open a project as multiple objects, you can use the menu option "save project" instead. Your previous sessions may also be found in the Expand menu > Open.

  2. Q:  I am trying to publish to the community but I am getting “64MB upload limit error”.  What should I do?

    A:  Try reducing the size of your model, perhaps removing some components to simplify down.

  3. Q:  How do I move / re-select a sticker or 2D text once it has been placed on the canvas?

    A:  Stickers and 2D text cannot be reselected once placed on the canvas.  However, you can use the Undo button or rewind the history button to go back and try again!

  4. Q:  How do I crop / remove part of a model that I’ve imported from the Community (e.g. remove the hat off the soldier)?

    A:  While this isn’t currently supported, we are constantly working to bring you new features. Stay tuned!


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