Basics: Using Apps in Window 10

Technical Level : Basic


Learn about the new and improved modern apps in Windows 10 while taking advantage of your existing knowledge of classic desktop apps.


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Windows 10 Tip: Understanding Universal Apps and Menus


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How can I share an App purchased by User1 with User2 on my Windows 10 tablet?

I've bought Apps for my kids but am unable to install them within their profile.

With Windows 8.1 there was the option to login the Store using a different account, but this doesn't seem possible within Windows 10.

Any thoughts?

To prevent confusion: using the beta store and not the legacy/green/old/Win8 store.

I cannot use the old store as a workaround as the games are purchased using the new/Win10/Beta store and not recognized as a purchase in the old/green/Win8 store

PS: With Edge I couldn't post a reply; get e red circle with a diagonal stripe when clicking the Submit button

Your article shows how to save to SD yet even after the latest update my drop down for that is grayed out.  Any idea when Microsoft will finally catch up with the rest of the operating systems out there and let this work like it should?

Almost all of my friends now start using app player/emulator on their windows PC. Most of the time they install BlueStacks android emulator.

But the Bluestacks emulator is very weighty. It eating RAM widely. As a result, their Win-PC is slow down. 

Can Microsoft release a Windows 10 version with a built-in Android emulator like BlueStakes for using apps on windows?