Timely warning about Paragon HFS+ drivers

For those used to having access on Windows to their Mac volumes via Paragon's HFS+ solution, don't be tempted. While it appears that all is working as before, some kind of anomalous behavior is produced in Windows 10 TP (10041 at least) that will, and I do mean will, corrupt those Mac drives.

If bootable, they will lose that ability, the B-Tree will lose track of files, folders and volume size, and the disk will become read-only.

There is a faint possibility that the paid software Disk Warrior may be able to restore things, but I can't guarantee that. The safest solution is to avoid the situation entirely by not installing Paragon HFS+ in the first place.

MacDrive, another HFS+ enabler for Windows, will simply refuse to work, erroring with a message that the drivers can't be loaded, so for the time being anyway, there are no safe solutions for accessing the Mac volumes from Win 10 TP.

Hopefully my experience will help others avoid the potential trashing of their Mac disks/partitions with these historically useful but potentially destructive utilities.




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Even now with Anniversary update this trend continue. Stay away from Paragon HFS+ driver.

I can confirm this too after having a triple boot system end up with corrupt HFS+ boot drive several times and having to do full restores from Time machine my first suspicion was Linux access to the HFS disk as I'd previously booted into Linux before seeing the problems described.  However after deliberately not loading Linux for a week or so the problem came back so I figured it must be the Paragon HFS+ drivers in Windows corrupting the volume.

I uninstalled Paragon HFS+ 12 and the problem has gone away.  I generally like the Paragon software but this particular piece of software is buggy.

Same here. My HFS+ partition's B-Tree slowly became corrupt when I started writing to it from Windows using Paragon HFS+.