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Problems with my IE9 browser when using some websites

____Russ asked on

I searched previous answers, but didn't see anything similar. Using Windows Vista,I'm having a problem with my Internet Explorer 9 browser.  My computer has all the required Windows updates I think and has the latest Flash player installed.  I don't have Microsoft Silverlight installed.

With one website, instead of loading on IE9, IE9 thinks that it's a Word document and it asks on the IE9 box on the bottom of the screen, do I want to open or save it, yet the website loads fine using Firefox browser. On another website, it won't load anything that's from that site, even though it's an average website.

On another website, the title of the site appears, but the rest of the screen underneath it is black, whereas on Firefox browser it loads ok with the images that are on that particular site. Common sense would say to use Firefox, but I have all bookmarked things in folders on IE9, so I prefer using IE9.

When I click on All Programs, I don't see IE9, or any option for opening IE9 without add-ons.  How do I launch the browser without add-ons ?

It appears this issue is something needing a download fix from Microsoft (so the Helvetica font can work ok with IE9), as I never had any such problems when using the IE8 browser and should've stuck with that.

I noticed a comment below from another thread and yes, I do use Helvetica font in my Word documents, but I'd like to know how and why does it adversely affect IE9.  If using and having the Helvetica font is having an adverse affect on IE9, how do I remove the font from their fonts section.

-  Yep uninstalling Helvetica got rid of the problem with IE9! Additionally, I noticed that it seems to be only an Adobe Type 1 font that causes this problem. I had installed a Type 1 version of Helvetica years ago and transferred it to my current computer. I now have an OpenType format Helvetica font and it works just fine with IE9. So there's a way to both use Helvetica and IE9 at the same time, as long as you can get a hold of an OpenType version of Helvetica.  I wish Microsoft had even acknowledged this bug at all. 


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