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How do i move the Home, Favorites, and Tools icons to the left side of my screen?

shmince asked on

Upon downloading of the new IE9 our family found that the Home, Favorites, and Tools icons have moved from the left side of the screen to the right side, and we can't figure out how to move them back.  Sifting through forums on others sites has given the impression that there is no fix. (We are aware of the "Pin" feature that opens Favorites on the left, but the icons remain on the right).  If there is a solution, please post it here; if there is no solution, please consider the following reasons for creating one:


The Practical Reason

The browser design of IE as well as the web page design of most sites orient the majority of their clickable buttons and menus on the left side of the screen; that's one big reason why we liked the Home, Favorites, and Tools icons on the left side as well.  With a 24 inch monitor, zipping from one side of the screen to the other and back again 500 times per day is inconvenient.


The More Important Reason

We like it on the left.  As the technology is improving, it seems only logical that the options available to the end users to customize their online experience should be improving as well.  Why force changes in formatting onto customers who enjoy the formatting as it is without giving those customers the option to maintain the web experience as they enjoy it? 

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Praseetha K replied on

Hi Shmince,


This is by design and not possible in IE 9.

If you want to provide a feedback regarding this, then refer to:

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