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Anytime I right click on a picture on any website, I get the "Save As", etc menu.  However, none of the options highlight when I scroll over them and I'm not able to click on them.  This has happened in IE 7, 8, and 9.  At one point, it started working again for awhile and then stopped.  I'm wondering if it is a problem with Norton 360 because yesterday I did some tasks with my Norton, and the Save As option started working again for a few minutes.  Please help!



None of the options work.

I don't know if your OS has a troubleshooter for IE, e.g. the way that W7 does.   That would be the official repair tool if it exists--that plus RIES.   Also, I would expect making IE your default browser would have to have some kind of repair attribute to it, e.g. perhaps toggling to another one and then back, if another one isn't already your default.   Otherwise we have this to try:

If none of those guesses help you will have to do some diagnosis, e.g. run ProcMon to try to understand your symptom better, ideally comparing traces of the two cases to simplify your analysis.

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