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Why does IE9 fail to load some websites?

StephMorris asked on

I've experienced problems with IE9 since its introduction.  Currrenly on a computer and Windows 7 installation that are less than a month old, and updated regularly, IE9 fails to load certain websites.  These failures appear to be random, with some showing "Compatibility View" and some not, and produce only a blank white page.  The address bar and status bar appear to be normal and all seems to be in order, but there's nothing on the screen.  This usually happens when I don't have the time or inclination to fuss with it, so I simply start FireFox or Chrome and the needed site appears without a delay, but it's becomming annoying interruption in my work process.

An older installation of IE9, on a now retired Wndows 7 computer, showed the same idiosyncratic behavior.  I assumed that the fault was in my upgrade of older versions, and that a new EOM Windows installation on a new computer would eliminate the problem, but it was there from day one.

All of the troubleshooting suggestions that I've seen seem to have no affect on the problem, but I'd like to give it one more try before I change my default browser.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



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