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I keep getting this problem as listed above. Usually when using Facebook but it happens on lots of sites. The full display shows:


Webpage Error

Do you wish to debug this page?

This webpage contains errors that might prevent it from displaying or working correctly. If you are not testing this webpage, click No.


Do not show this message again (with a box - it doesn't matter what you do it still reappears)

Use the built in script debugger in Internet Explorer

Yes / No

Line:  (several errors listed here at times).


Running Windows 7 & Internet Explorer 8 (and then 9 to eliminate IE8) & Mozilla Firefox

Still the same problem.


I have altered the internet options - advanced to set for disable script debugging (Internet Explorer & the other option) to checked.

I have altered the display a notification about every script error to unchecked. This then sometimes seems to work ok for a time then reverts ITSELF back to the opposite options.


Several Anti-viral scans / Malaware and spyware programs no errors present.


This page will flash up. I will close it down it will re-appear usually 4 times till I change page and sometimes constantly so I have to shut that window down if I can using Task Manager.

Any help would be welcome to resolve this script error problem??







Before reformatting your machine lets try booting your PC in Clean Boot and see if you are still getting that debugging error. Follow the link below on how to do a Clean Boot.


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