Q: Unable to change default search provider in Internet Explorer

Original Title: corrupted ie search provider

i have the same problem as everybody else that posted that their IE default search provider is corrupted.  The one that's corrupted in IE is,

bing which is set to default.  I have already tried to delete it, but the remove button for it is faded so i couldn't remove it. plus it wont allow me to set another search provider to default.

how shall i deal with this problem?



hey Rohit chettri

the methods that you recommended, i have already tried them.

I have ran internet Explorer in no add on mode, and still the corrupted search setting box pop up appeared

i have reset internet explorer 9 settings all of them, but still that pop-up appeared after i opened up internet explorer

i have also ran the Microsoft safety  scanner, and it found no infections

before i got this reply i have gotten this problem sorted out by

created a new user account and transferred all of my files to the new one, and i deleted the old one. i have checked internet explorer and the pop-up did not appear.

the program that corrupted my default search provider was zone alarm firewall.
i have removed it back then when that happened, and i never tried zone alarm firewall again.


Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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