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Internet Explorer slow on select major sites (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.) ok on others MSN, Microsoft

FrolinMarek asked on

Last week my Internet Explorer seemed to all but stop working with select websites.  This on a Windows 7 64bit PC, with IE9,  running for months, without and new software installed, except for maybe MS updates.

When I go to Google, FaceBook, Yahoo, Mapquest and select other small hobby sites, the browser either times out or takes 20-40 seconds for the site to open.  If I go to MSN or Microsoft or CBS.com, those sites open immediate and fast and OK.  So it's not the site or category of or content, it's random, some open some don't.

Used SpeedTest.Net and results gave 19mps download and 1.8mps upload.  So it's not the Internet connection.

I frequent various Yahoo Groups and now can't get to any of them.


So I went and tested Google Chrome I had loaded in past and not gotten excited about, and all sites come up fine and fast.

I uninstalled IE9 and went back to IE8, no different.  Reloaded IE9, no help.  Tried IE running "IE with no add-ons" (not that I have many hardly any), no help.  Did all the basics, basic empty TIF and cache, reset IE to defaults, etc, no luck.  Tried various trips from the web, no help.

So Saturday I formatted my boot drive and reinstalled Windows 7.  Found after IE worked fine for 2 days then failed again today.  So maybe in the various Microsoft updates to updates to updates, something broke it again?

BTW - same issue, three different User accounts on my home PC.  Worked fine on all after the rebuilt, stopped working 2 days later.


Any thoughts why select major brand websites fail to load or are VERY slow to load and chg pages, where others work fine, same IE 9 setup, and all work fine in Google Chrome...




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DJTECH99 replied on

Experienced this issue when the users were using IE as their browser and the client machine has both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled. Troubleshooting took way longer than I wanted. The large “hobby sites” have IPv6 infrastructure, however somewhere between the client, switches, routers and ISP the IPv6 traffic is not being routed properly. Only big corporate sites so far seem to have IPv6 enabled. Since the traffic gets clogged from not routing properly from end-to-end it causes IE to timeout before retrying traffic over IPv4.

Fix in my situation was to disable IPv6 on certain clients.

How to disable IP version 6 (IPv6) or its specific components in Windows 7 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929852  

For other clients I was able to resolve issue with Microsoft Fix it 50410 on same Microsoft KB article which sets the default to prefer IPv4 over IPv6

Hope this helps …. Good luck!



Some additional answers can be extracted here:http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2011/06/googles-ipv6-test.html

About the same date problems began.

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