Q: Internet Explorer 9 requires an update before installing. No updates are needed

I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.  When I try to install Internet Explorer 9 I get the message that says an update is required before installation.  There is a button saying Get Update.

I click the button and it takes me to Microsoft's Support site.  On that site there is a lsit of Updates and packages that need to be installed.  I have downlaoded each and every one and they all present the same message, "this updat is not applicable to your system"

I have run Windows Update as well and installed every single update on there still no avail.  I added Microsoft Update to the Windows Update interface and downloaded every single update for every single MS product it presented and still no avail.


I am stuck in a loop here I cannot install Internet Explorer 9 as it insists updates are needed yet my system is completely up to date.


I have tried both Location 1 and Location 2 installers and the one from beautyoftheweb none of these installers work.



I found a solution!

Download the System Update Readiness Tool from:

[use method 2 and select the appropriate version to download]


Run the tool and it will diagnose any problems and fix them automatically.  Once finished you can view the log it creates at:



Reportedly there were 23 errors for me which it fixed.  Once fixed I ran the Internet Explorer 9 installer and it installed.  I restarted and I am now using IE9 without a problem.

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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