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IE9 Problem - it does not display popular websites like or engadget

Franco__ asked on
I have installed IE9 on many machines now, and they are all doing fine expect for two.  All the machines are running Windows 7 64-bit SP1.  The two problem machines are unable to display common websites like hulu, engadget, legitreviews, newegg.  Hulu is just a blank, black page. Legitreviews displays the banner and a large grey box. It's very frustrating and I'm stuck.  I've tried running the IE9 with no-addons but that makes no differnce. I've uninstalled and installed the latest graphics driver.  I've uninstalled IE9 (which reverted me back to IE8) then downloaded IE9 again and installed from that, but still not right. I'm totally stuck.  I've got no idea what could be different about these two machines.  They are slightly older than all the other machines, but everything else works fine.  Can you help?  Could it be a Java thing? That's another problem because I can't view in IE9 on these 2 machines.
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Franco__ replied on

The solution ended up being this...  uninstall the Helvetica family of fonts.


Ridiculous, I know, but that's what worked for me. still doesn't really load right, but it does load.


There you have it. Good ol' Microsoft.  Still, I prefer their foibles compared to the totalitarian, control freaks over at Apple.

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