Q: IE9 not printing web pages---Error: 2107 There is no connection for the connection ID

After I click print or Ctrl P, I get the following error message: Script Error     An error has occured in the script on this page.

Line: 2107

Char: 1

Error: There is no connection for the connection ID

Code: 0

URL: res://ieframe.dll/preview.js


It then asks if I want to continue to run scripts on this page.


It does not seem to matter which I select, selecting 'yes' does not allow it to print and selecting 'no' does not allow it to print.


Thie errror message occurs with almost all websites and occurs on my laptop too.


Does not seem to matter what printer I am using.  The issue just repeats itself.


Contacted Microsoft by phone support and they said that since my pc's were from HP, that HP would solve the issue.  HP said they can only resolve software issues for software that was install on the pc's when they left HP. Since I had upgraded to Windows 7 (sp1) and IE9--they could not resolve any issues with them.  They stated that if I reverted the programs to what had been installed on the PC's when shipped, they would be glad to solve any problem.


I am not having any printer issues.  Everything else prints.  I have tried using different printers and the issue continues.


This issue began with IE 9 (RC).  Installing IE9 on the day it was released did not resolve the issue. On the desktop, I have uninstalled IE 9 and IE8 is printing all web pages.




Hi emmausdan,


Follow the methods listed below to fix the issue:


Method 1:

The error message you receive is an instant of script error associated with Internet Explorer. 


Refer the following articles for instructions on troubleshooting script errors in Internet Explorer:


Fix Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer


How to troubleshoot script errors in Internet Explorer on Windows-based computers


What should you do about Internet Explorer script errors?


Method 2: 


Follow the steps mentioned in the following article:


You cannot print or view the print preview of a webpage in Internet Explorer 9

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