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Disable Sending of HTTP Referrer

audn asked on

How is it possible to disable sending of HTTP referrers? Is there a registry key that I could modify / add in order to prevent Internet Explorer from sending HTTP referrer to the Web sites I visit?

For example, it is possible to tweak Firefox to disable sending HTTP referrers. This could be done by setting network.http.sendRefererHeader to zero, from the about:config page. Is it possible to do something similar with Internet Explorer?

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Irfan H replied on

Hello audn,

You will not be able to disable the HTTP referer in Internet Explorer. The HTTP referer is disabled by default for the secured websites. However, there is no option with the Internet Explorer to disable it.

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Cool_1 replied on
What is wrong with Microsoft Internet Explorer developers since they do not understand that this is a security issue that needs to be addressed right god damn now ?!

I do not want referer information leaked to god knows who when I am surfing the web in the privacy of my own home! Microsoft FIX THIS RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!
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