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Create custom search provider on new page?

Davidek asked on

Hi all

Just installed IExplorer 9 on my new computer and started adding my prefered search providers, some of which are internal search engines on the company intranet. Doing this has has never been a problem in the past, but now with the updated "Internet Explorer Gallery", I can't seem to find the "Create your own" link that's always been there. Please tell me I'm blind and that Microsoft didn't just decide to make my life harder for no good reason......

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Tom Clayton Jr replied on

As it turns out, you don't need MS for this. I've used this version and it works:

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John Rubdy replied on


Adding Your Own Search Provider

If your search provider does not provide a direct way for you to add it as a search provider, you can still add it manually. Follow the instructions on the Windows Search Guide page to create your own search provider. Note that this widget adds the provider only as a search provider without search suggestions. If you know that the provider offers search suggestions, use the search provider's Web site to add the provider.


Also refer to the article provided below:

Search with the Internet Explorer 9 Address bar


John Rubdy
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