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Whenever I use a site, such as youtube on any browser, (have tried opera, IE, firefox, chrome) I get the "not responding" message.

I found this :

And my problem sounds very similar, however I dont know how he resolved his problem.

Just some info : running new laptop, windows 7 64bit. I have tried updating and reinstalling the flashplayer alot, when i go to the adobe site it says it is successfully installed. And just to make the whole thing worse, it doesn't always happen when I have just rebooted the system, however I dont think this is due to a problem with hardware, I have 4gb ram, 2.1something Ghz processor.

Please help :)







Check whether the browsers crash for websites that don't require flash. You may verify this by navigating to the links given below from all the browsers.


Here are certain things you may try for Internet Explorer with specific to the error message provided.


Internet Explorer does not start or stops responding


Since this is happening to multiple browsers, the best bet here would be to check in clean boot environment to determine the possibility of third party software such as your antivirus software causing it.


Refer this article for detailed information on how to do this.


How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


Also have a look at Marilyn’s suggestions from this thread and see if it’s of help.


Browser Crashes - Multiple Browser Crashes - Every Browser Crashes!!!


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