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I'm trying to delete the 'favorites bar' folder from my bookmarks list in Internet Explorer 8, as it is redundant. I do not currently, and will never use it, and I also do not want it there.

However, every time I delete it, it comes back a few minutes later. I've disabled the favorites bar via group policy editor, and i've tried a suggestion I found of setting the corresponding folder to hidden via windows explorer, then deleting the folder from my bookmarks, but it reappears a few minutes later.

Is there any way of getting rid of this folder permanently?




Logon your computer on the Administrator account.

From Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) find your User Favorites\Links folder (the actual location will depend on your Windows version) Right click on the Links folder and choose Properties from the context menu.

Try choosing 'Hidden' from the folder Attributes.. (I did not test this myself.. do so at your own risk)

Please let us know if this works... I don't want to try it on my own machine as I have a number of pots on the boil and don't want to Foobar my Favorites\LInks.



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