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Ronbo61 asked on

About a week ago when using IE8 on Windows XP, out of the blue, everytime I open a link a blank window pops up with the URL followed by 20-25 additional characters that are different each time this window opens. I have tried to get rid of it with my SYSTEM MECHANIC and SPYBOT with no success. I have gone to Internet Options and added this URL to the RESTRICTED SITES list with no success. HELP  PLEASE. Thank you.  

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Gerry205 replied on



Go to the Tools drop down and select Manage Add-ons.


Disable all Toolbars/Extensions from RivalGaming Games.



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Comgeek replied on popups are caused by a malicious adware which is supposed to display unwanted advertisements on infected computers, and thus the creator of this virus will make profit from adverts. you can remove popups by scanning your system with an anti-malware program, or delete ilitili components manually
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Macronder replied on
I tried a lot of the specific technical advice, but ilitili kept showing up. But, through a complete accident my add-ons were also messing with my computer so I went to 'tools' in IE and then 'manage add-ons'. I found two Arcade Candy add ons(this is supposedly a game site). I disabled them and so far have not had a pop up or a drop down on my trusted sites. So, apparently, looking at another answer here I believe lesser known gaming sites may be using ilitili. What I find hard to understand is why Norton, Microsoft, and other hardcore protection systems do not see this as a threat yet.
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