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i.e.runtime error 216 at 5003a116 and 216 at 5491b2a7

DenysLevesque asked on

Hi again

I had a problem with i.2 and some runtime error  since, I flused i.e.8 and reinstall   still have the same problem

I started in safe mode went thru win essential  and malware check  nothing  now I try to play msfs  and  saitek flight control does not work  also on falcon 4   desinstall reinstall  nope  does not work  Please help before I throw everything in the lake  



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Basith M replied on


I understand how frustrating it is when you face issue with Runtime errors in Internet Explorer. Not to worry, I am here to help you with this issue.


Let us try the steps provided in the following Microsoft article and check if it works for you.

Fix Runtime Errors in Internet Explorer


Please reply with the status of the issue, so that we could help you better.

Basith M
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